New PS3 arcade stick and 360->PS3 converter?

Any thoughts on this? MarkMan, where you at!

bleh, 360 to PS3, we need it to go the other way!

Stick looks like crap. The 360->PS3 adapter is definitely possible, but I’d prefer to see something more than a render of what the adapter might look like. OTH, playing Resistance with a 360 pad sounds nice. Never liked PSX pads for FPS.

I cant wait to get some reviews on the converter. I wonder if ps3 controllers can be used in the 360 since they’re both USB.

lol, for everything BUT fighting games.

FPS dot feel right with a DS3. :confused:

…and that PS3 stick looks completely terrible

FPS games don’t feel right with a controller period.

QF fuckin T

I see your point, but I never played FPS on a PC, so i never got into the mouse & KB

There is no comparison between M&KB vs controller. Period.

I’m interested to hear more about the converter, since it would save a bit of work dual modding a 360 stick to work on PS3 (like the SFIV one!) and even some money.

I expect absolutely nothing out of it though.

interested in the converter but I expect to have lag or something.

The 360-PS3 thing is form the same people who made the XFPS PS2-to-360 adapter. So I don’t exactly trust that it’s going to be lagless. :confused:

if 90 bucks can get you a XFPS imagine what you’ll get for 40. :rofl:

I’m gonna review one as soon as it comes in.

Same with the stick (lol).

The longer I take to review it, the better.

Some website put up a review and it’s generally positive.

Though he was only using a regular controller, and I’m slightly worried by this line:

So did anyone around these parts get their hands on one yet?

If I had it, I’d put it through the testing cycles… I have a ton of 360 arcade sticks too :frowning:

I don’t feel like gambling with 50+ dollars though.

What’s up with that Dominator stick they showed? I can’t find any details on the parts they used but the fact that you can program combos is scary. I know a lot of cheezers are going to be using that.


Tell us if that converter works well with the SF4 sticks!

Yeah a good converter would be soooo convenient.

Converter like that would be awesome. Especially if it’s lagless (lol, we’ll see)