New PS3 DS3 PCB?

I just bought a faulty pad off ebay which i planned on using for arcade stick, but when i opened it up i found it was the one with the D-pad & buttons with pressure connection ribbon, so thought ok open up the one i use pn my ps3 and much to my sursprise found this in this (see pic) as anyone ever seen this type of pcb before? if only they were all like this :wgrin:
just a thought but would you remove the d-pad & button pcb and solder onto the points on the main board or laeve all intacted and just solder to it anyway, your thoughts please.

Well so far so good, wired it up using the spots just in front of the ribbon, tested the up, down…etc worked ok, so will finsh off tomoz now, will resistors still be needed seeing as there are none on the pcb for the d-pad & buttons?

Wow, this is the second ps3 controller with a fork button.

LOL yea the X button, wondering what you was forking talking about then…lol, well wired up and tested all worked ok, so am going to remove the pcb so its a lot smaller, plus have’nt used the resistors for the normal 7 & 8 and 13 & 14 but i did have to use the same adcc (common) for the start & select.