New PS3 Firware update - Fixes BC Lag?

Hey guys,
I haven’t tried playing any of the old 3’s or cvs2 on the ps3 due to the stupid lag. However I updated today and fired up some CvS2 and 3’s. I noticed that there was a lot less lag. At least i think there was less.

I wanted to know if anyone is experiencing this also so I know I’m not having false hope.

I’m using the Pelican adapter with a HRAP2. LMK fellas.

I wasn’t really experience lag before in the first place, but I’ll agree with you that it’s smooth and responsive now, with 1.92.

I just tested this again to be sure, and the lag is definitely still there. Exactly the same as before, 2 frames (~33 milliseconds) if you use Component or HDMI cables. Also just like before, there is no lag if you play on an SDTV with Composite, S-Video, or Component cables. You can verify the lag with Guitar Hero II (lag test in options menu) or with SF3: 3rd Strike (see frame buffering artifacts on a Genei-Jin activated Yun).

Odds of Sony ever fixing this are slim to none. Keep a PS2 around.

I read elsewhere too, yeah, same ol lag.

It’s really a shame, this would have been a fantastic bonus for fighting-game + rhythm-game fans.

I don’t have any hope for the 80gb units’ software emulation eliminating lag either on 480i games.