NEW PS3 Games: Beatles Rockband, Valkyria, Guitar Hero 5, Batman, Marvel Alliance 2


this is my second wave of new and factory sealed games.
Valkyria Chronicles: 35 shipped. SOLD
Marvel alliance 2 *SOLD###

All other sealed games: 45 each shipped.

  • buy 2 or more games i will do an extra discount.

Paypal only, US only.


PM sent.


PM sent


pms replied. jayducky i didnt get a pm from u


Valkyria if you got it still. Sending PM.


Orphen you’re next in line for valkyria i sent you a pm for paypal info. never heard back from 1st person.

there is already another person waiting in line for valkyria after Orphen.


Payment sent. Thank you :]


did you mug them from an old lady or something? man you’ve got the newest stuff. :smiley:


if i mugged an old lady i’d be selling a pink ds lite with brain training games ahaaaa. ;d
this is just overstock from a local dealer. i make almost nothing off these games especially for how long they take to freakin sell.




valkyria sold
marvel alliance 2: -pending-


Update on Alliance 2?


pmed you back Symbolic


Brain training games are good to prevent Alzheimers. :stuck_out_tongue:
Regardless, it’s a really good deal that you’re selling them below wholesale prices.


Kinda want that GH5…


then get it :slight_smile: you got a ps3 now.

what ever doesnt sell by tomorrow night it’ll be sold to a local store for more! lol.