New PS3 Slim

Hmmm not sure if I should post this on this forum or the Tech Talk forums, but I’ll try here I guess…and I did try searching for it and didn’t find anything on it. Mods, just take this down if there is a thread on this already.

The new ps3 slim is coming out September 1st, I have an 80 gig fat ps3 that I bought maybe…2 years ago. It’s been working very well for me, no complaints really.
What I really want to know is you think people that maybe own a 360 or a Wii will buy this since its price was dropped and is a new version?
And I also wonder if there are any current ps3 owners that are going to buy this newer version?

The only real bad side about this ps3 that I see is that there are only 2 usb ports, but you could just buy a usb splitter to connect more stuff on to it, I use one for my current ps3 as a matter of fact.

Here’s a video of “Chris” from IGN opening up a brand new ps3 slim :lovin:

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to answer your question. if you have a ps3, there’s no need to buy the slim version. the slim is Sony’s way of recouping their losses from the original ps3’s. And yes, people who owned xbox360 and wii will buy the new ps3 in a very big way

I’m buying a Ps3 slim

ps3 slim = ugly. and if you have a ps3 why buy a slim one?

i got a slim, lol though i kinda like the vcr one… oh well… i could just get a usb hub to get more ports no?

Yup, I use a USB Hub in my original PS3, so I don’t see why it wouldn’t work on a slim.

awesome, saves from spending more money. :cool:

Yea I got a 360 and a Wii and am going to be buying a PS3 for christmas or something like that. I like the price of it and 120 gigs is definitely nice. I’m just waiting for the first batch to be done with since I try not to buy the just released batches of electronics and wait a bit for all the faults to be kinked out.

naw original ps3 is ugly, what u smoking man


I’ve both an old fat PS3 (40Gig that died less than a month before the Slim came out) as well as the Slim and IMO I like the design of the latter better. It looks more like a console and less like a toaster.

What is the cost of PS3 now ?!

$300 for PS3 slim.

$350 for the 250gb.

I have two ps3s an 80gb that came with the MGS4 bundle (4 usbs and media card slots) but is with my brother on the other side of the world until april so I bought a slim for uncharted 2, gt5 and gow 3.

So last Tuesday I finally got a new PS3, it was a PS3 Slim 120Gb and I also got 3 other games.

DJ Hero (It’s not bad, hard to get used to the turntables and whatnot…I’d say it’s probably the most confusing “plastic instruments”)

Uncharted 2 (Love it, gameplay is similar to UC1 but the story and different types of multiplayer, and bonuses you can unlock for multiple playthroughs is amazing.)

Ratchet and Clank Futere a Crank in Time (Haven’t played much of it to go into any sort of details =/.)

Anyway, so far I’ve loved my new PS3 and am uber glad I got it.

I prefer the shiny piano black of my OG 60GB.