New PS4 Mad Catz Fight Pad



Madcatz Street Fighter V Fightstick Alpha

I pray to Cthulhu it’s common ground.



Looks like a lot of features taken from the Hori Fighting Commander 3/4.


Interesting that it has a touchpad and analogs.


Like what? Only feature I see that looks like it was “taken” from is the switch on the back that might be a shoulder/trigger swap.

I wonder if that usb cable is detatchable.


Yeah, you’re right, I apparently can’t count.
Then again, the trigger swap feature was a pretty prominent thing with the Hori Fighting Commanders (and useful too), so I guess it’s apparently a no brainer to include that feature.

Nonetheless, the controller looks interesting. Hopefully it can be the next go-to pad for dual-mods and padhacks, but it looks nifty enough that I might consider buying one to sorta use for kicks for regular games, since it has the touchpad and analogs.


it dosen’t look as comfortable to play on as the earlier versions. hopefully it answers the durability issues at least. i can see these asking a good price since it includes analogs and a touchpad, replacing them every 2-3months would be a pain.


And that all we should care about when it comes to Fight Pads. :wink:


It seems to have a bowl type dpad like the new xbox one pro pads. Not my preference type.


I feel kinda bad now. These pcbs just want to escape from being type casted into the arcade stick role. They dream of big things and attempt so much. Thinking this time they truly made it. That they are safe. Alas! This feeling is a delusion. There is no escape from the modders who hunt them down just to enslave them into the shackles inside their arcade jail.
They aren’t dumb, they try new things, adding features here and there to entice the pad player. Yet, this just makes them bigger targets. They try to be sneaky and make themselves difficult to work with, but to the crafty modder they know how to tame such unwieldy beasts.
Let’s all take a moment to remind us all who the true hero’s are in our niche community.


Oooo nice d-pad, but simply being round is one thing. Will it have microswitches and function as good as the saturn pad? That’s the question.

I’m doubting that will be the case. It never is.


It would be nice if they sold replacement contact pads for this one.


All they have to do is either duplicate the SNES or Saturn’s dpad, but that seems to be too hard.


i really hope you can remove the analogs without having to take it to pieces. if you can then i’m buying this.




those are expired


Source please :slight_smile:


A quick google search shows US patents filed before June 8th 1995 last 17-20 years depending, and any filed afterwards are 20 years. SNES is way past that and saturn turned 20 in US this year in may.


The engineers at Madcatz and Markman all know the preferred style DPads and I’m sure they’ll be attempting to improve on the issues they had with the first Fightpads.
I’m optimistic for pad players that this pad will be solid.