New PS4 update 3.50 times out Brooks PCB's & converters

Just a warning like last time new PS4 update times out Brooks PCB & Converters after 8mins.

Hopefully @GOGO.Zippy and Brooks team can update ASAP.

Also, next time I think Brooks team should opt into the PS4 beta Firmware so they can be ahead of the curve when it comes to this. :bee:

Does a weird thing with mine :slight_smile:

You should just reply in the appropriate thread.

As for “opt into the PS4 beta Firmware”, you know Brooks products are not licensed by Sony.
If they were licensed the whole update issue would be moot. As Sony would give Brook the same level Access they give Hori and Mad Catz.

Padhacks FTW

The PS4 firmware beta’s are open to the public they had sign up’s back in Feb 17th

I was afraid this was going to happen, probably will with each system update moving forward. Fortunately, Brook has been extremely quick to react, and @GOGO.Zippy just informed me that a firmware update is scheduled to be released tomorrow.

Yeah thankfully Zippy was fast to reply! <3 Brook

Beta Firmware and the official release are two different things.
And even if the Beta firmware is open to all players, it does not mean any developer can use it to make their own controllers and circumvent the official firmware updates security measures.

To be fair i remember Zippy asking someone in the beta for the beta fw, so its probably safe to assume it wouldve been usefull to Brook had they had access to it.

Doesn’t mean that Sony would not change security measures at the last minuet to throw people off.

Wouldn’t it be fun if they changed the security measures daily or even weekly? xD

What wouldn’t be fun is if something happened that prevented Brook from catching up with Sony…

Not that it was necessarily intentional, but that’s more or less what happened with mine. On the beta 2 and beta 3 firmwares my 360Xone to PS4 adapter worked fine but when the final 3.50 came out the timeouts came. They probably held off on it until an internal RC was ready with the newer drivers/lockouts so they could control what they changed between versions.

Basically it sucks trying to repair a moving target.

What can I do since my Brooke super converter is new out the box, I want to use my xbox 360 fight pad for street fighter 5 on the ps4, but I dunno what steps to follow since it’s new can someone please advise me

Read the [Brook converter thread](Brook Converters Thread and visit their website.