I bought and installed a new BFG PSU, and it works great. But the only problem is that the fan is loud as fuck. Is there any way to adjust this or slow it down?

Is it a ball-bearing fan?

Can you post a URL to the model?

Did any software come with it?

If your PSU has a small cable llike this:

and your Mother Board supports fan controls, then you just need to plug that cable into one of the chasis fan (or aux fan) headers on the MoBo itself and get into the BIOS to override the speed for it. (Check the PSU manual to be 100% sure it actually supports any kind of RPM controls)

No software and no nothing, just a little piece of paper saying what to do when you install it. actually looked for that three prong thing but I don’t think I got it, but there was one with 4, and the one end sorta had a divider, making it 3-1. So I guess you could use it with 3 or 4 pronged holes.

Those fans don’t look like anything special, consider replacing.

If you don’t mind opening up your PSU, they would probably be a breeze to replace. That will depend slightly on your tech-level though. If you go this route, I’d recommend getting some ball-bearing fans. Look for something with a high RPM rating but low db. Also, you’ll need to figure out the size of the fans and make sure you order the proper replacement.

According to newegg’s specs, the PSU has two fans. If you have a can of compressed air, you can always blow a bit through the PSU fans during operation. You might have a simple cable or or debris that got in the way during manufacturing. If the fan noise dies significantly when you blow the air through then comes back, you might have some blockage.

Yeah, you don’t have any direct mobo hookups for control, but that doesn’t mean you couldn’t make them. Again, this would depend on how comfortable you are with opening up PSU. You could buy standard three-prong cords, reroute the fan cords in the PSU to the outside, snip the ends, then attach the three-prong and run it to a sysfan spot on the mobo(or whatever they’re labeling them these days). You should be able to manage things from BIOS or with some decent software at that point.

Hope some of the suggestions help.

Maxx - Why would he need to go to that much trouble? The things brand new! Plus he’d void his warranty as soon as he opened it up.

Ulovemikeroch - I know sometimes PSU fans can be noisy and I don’t know of any way to quiet them down without replacing the fans, but I wouldn’t do that as it’s new. I suggest either getting used to it, getting a replacement (I don’t know whether this noise is normal or not) or swapping it for another brand of PSU that isn’t as loud.

Generally, if you go for a PSU with a bigger fan (ie 12cm) it can pump through more air than a small 8cm fan and as such doesn’t have to spin as fast resulting in a quieter PSU. :karate:

Sorry, I thought that since this was the Tech Talk forum, I’d offer some technical advice on how to solve the problem…

But yes, the ultimate suggestion would be to return and get a PSU that isn’t so loud if that is still a possibility.

hi lemme hijack this thread for a sec. lol. I had a powersupply related question somewhat from the bigger thread that got overlooked so maybe you guys can help me out.

original post:

I’m basically looking for a PSU that would fit that, that is also rated for gaming. I could only find low power ones :confused: Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!

Honestly, the best choice. That PSU design is from the stone age, you want something more like this:

Big fan with low RPM, open design for maximum air throughput at the least noise.

My personal pick would be a chieftec but they don’t have that on newegg.

You mean mine? I sorta bought cause it was a good deal, but that one is exactly the same price so I’m not sure if I made a good investment or not.

Well, if you compare yours to this

Same, company, same wattage, $70 more. Yours is probably a reliable old steed but it has the odd habit of wheezing loudly :wink:
Though strangely… the user reviews on newegg say it’s actually silent. Strange.

Here’s a question regarding PSU’s. A couple of years ago there was a power supply(Ultra-something) and it had removable power cords. So you only plugged in what you needed to not have dangling cords inside of your case. Who made them? Do they still make them?

EDIT: A quick google search answered my question. Does anyone know why Newegg doesn’t sell them?

There are a lot of PSUs like that made by different companies, try searching for “Modular” power supplies