New Q player here

And I can get all my taunts off really early and safley (taking minimal damage). But I really have a prolbem being offensive with him…or landing any hits at all. Even if I score a knock down I try to do C+DB as they get up but its too slow to hit them, it seems that all of his attacks are way to slow to do anything with. I know C+DB combos but its really frustering to try to land it…any suggestions?

Q can’t really rushdown… his only rush down tool is his dashpunch… his best pokes are c.lp,,,,… use them just to nip at em and to get em off u… the is really good… don’t be predictable with the grab… use c.fp on their wake ups… it hits low just in case they try to jump from a grab, takes off alot, and the screen shakes… i personally think the screen shake effect helps with game play… hugo and Q wise… also learn to BLOCK everything… high’s and low’s and learn to kara grab with and u will surely be an aggravating opponent hehe :badboy:

yea that info eddie gave you is good
i usely just dash punch them and get my taunts off really really fast
and usely repeat it and then after my tuants i play mind games
and welcome to the world of Q

Max range C&DB’s usually work a few times (or in all actuality once…) just because people are like “Shit… so far…”

As long as you don’t play against a fast pace character (like Yun or Ibuki) you should be fine in the rush down area. :tup: I don’t taunt and I win with Q quite often. His jumping Jab Punch is great for closing distance, just expect a DP and parry that shit, Jab Punch, s. Jab / Short, his command grab and own =P Dash Punch, b.FP reset into command grab overhead Dash Punch, Dash Punch SUPER!! MUHUHAHAHAHA!~

But yeah, his standing Jab is great =) b.Strong, s.Strong and c.Strong are good options to switch up anti-air.

Erm, also, on knockdown, you can leech free hits with the low Dash Punch and overhead Dash Punch -never the regular one =P (Although this is very risky T.T; but if you have 3 taunts in then who cares =P

yea after yur 3 tuants your god
if you do it right
just get the oppenent in the corner and play mind games with them
alot of mind games

the normal dash punch is the only safe one, i hardly ever use the others unless its meaty or reset

the normal dash punch can be easily hitconfirmed into SA, and a block dash punch can be ticked into C&DB

if u havent
watch Clawstrophobia
that will give you a good start on Q

Yes, I have seen it, its great

In higher level of play its tough to just land a C&DB on someone as they wake up. You gotta either tick into it with s.lp and grab them right outta their hitstun recovery or first establish a pattern with Dashs, or slaps, or throws. Then mix in the C&DB in the corners and terrorize them with C&DB–lp dash–b+hp or C&DB–s.lp reset. You got a lotta other options too.

how long have you guys played 3s I’ve been playing for like year now and Q is my main fighter what you guys

Q has alot of CDB setups. It’s good after a blocked j.HP or j.HK because it grabs right after block stun. I like to,, to push people off of me, and then when they get used to that poke string, substitute the with a hk CDB. Follow up with EX dash then HK then get ur taunt.

Also, lk CDB is very under-utilized IMO. It comes out alot faster than the HK or MK versions, and although you can’t land as much damage off it, it’s a free taunt. Plus lk CDB xx HP slaps just looks cool.

I’ve been playing for like 2, 2.5 years, and Q has been my main/only guy for nearly that whole time.

ParryAll, the short version of c&db only comes out 1 frame faster than the forward version and 2 frames faster than the roundhouse version. The short version does recover a fairly significant 2 frames faster than the forward version and 4 faster than the roundhouse version. You’re right that that speed can be important in some situations.

Short c&db, fierce slaps is also a free TWO taunts against the characters that wake up slowly (like Chun, Urien, etc, that data’s all on the archived someone linked to in another thread). So it definitely has that going for it. But you shouldn’t use it in the corner since, as you mentioned, the combos it leads to just aren’t as punishing as those that roundhouse c&db leads to. You should really learn the timing for doing two dash punches in the corner. There’s no partitioning involved, it’s just how fast can you charge.

In the corner I like to HK CDB, lp (or mp/hp depending on character), then backwards + HP, cause it resets and does heavier stun. Reseting your opponent limits their options, it’s not like a wakeup situation, where they would be able to see the capture coming. They have to react faster and it’s an easier opportunity for another capture or a counter (like c.HK or b.HP or EX slaps)

I can do the HK CDB, two lp dash punches in the corner, but can’t you do dash punch, dash punch at mid range. I think I noticed you do that, and I notice alot of Japanese players do that too. I’m not talking about the overhead-lp dash punch, lp dash punch either (I can do that). I guess I’ll have to go try it out.