New stick

just picked up my stick from neil at , and i must say it is everything i wanted and more. neil is very easy to work with, he is super knowledgeable, and was able to help me design a stick that i think is very clean and unique. this guy is truly an artist and takes pride in every stick he makes. :tup: if your serious about getting a quality custom stick, is the way to go!
one thing i think is unique about this stick is the way he applied the art, but i dont remember how it was done so ill let neil explain. enjoy the pics!

pics dont work

should be fixed now

Very nice, when I get some money In I want one of these

i dont get the point of american stick with sanwa buttons, but thats ok lol

Very nice! Nasci has talent man!

Thanks TheRealNeoGeo:) I think the fun part was the artwork. The original image did not have all that smoke and background in it and I got to add it all in with photoshop. After that, just wanted the rest of the stick to be real clean so the art would blend in well.

As for Shodokan123’s question about the buttons… Savior II Turbo is good on, and likes the Hard Spring Sticks, but wanted the extra response of Sanwa buttons. The 2 actually work very well together:)

Oh, and the art was printed on plastics (lexan). No paper:)

Hey Nasci I didnt know you are located here in bmore.

I’ve got to get me one of these when I have the money.
One question though, I’ve never had sanwa so which would be the best sanwa joystick to get? And if possible could I have a copy of the template for the Mini ProStick? I just wanna put some stuff in photoshop and see what looks good for a custom design. I think the one you sent me with Ken is the larger one.

Just email me Snowman and I’ll reply back with the template for the mini.

As for square vs oct vs cricle gates with the Sanwa sticks… that’s just preference really. I like square myself, but you’ll hear different opinions from different people. Lots of people swear by the octagons.

Oh… I didn’t see your post TheStreetman:)
I think I was distracted by Snowman’s avitar. DAMN that’s a nice avitar.

Anyway, yeah I am right in B-more. Always looking for people to play:) Although that is a different thread. PM me or something.

Well I play on a Hori Soul Calibur 2 and I’m kinda used to that stick, whatever type it is. Not really sure myself.

And I emailed you, thanks.

No problem. My friend has that stick. nice stick. square gate:)

hey, you think you can post up a highres image of that picture? it looks hella sick, i wanna make it my background

that’s flattering. I’ll get the high-rez of it later, crop it out and give it to you for a bg. For 1024 by 768 or higher? Maybe shoot me an email and I’ll send it to you.

What one by the way (1-3) and also what bg color you want… or are you going to do that?

hey very nice work neil :tup: and congrats to the stick owner that looks awesome.

by the way neil you think you can hook me up with a Template as to where to drill holes for the buttons and stick i need one exactly like the layout used in this stick. if not then thats cool i am making a box to transfer the xbox pcb i hacked.

sure thing. what do you want? photoshop, illustrator… what version? email me.

neil… i’m interested in getting 2 sticks… are you interested in building them for me?

sanwa jlf and sanwa buttons
custom art
plexi/lexan etc etc…

yep… just pm me a price

need the buttons in the jap layout… love hwo it contours well to my hands :slight_smile:

email sent thank you

Shodokan123 I PM’d you.
hanz0… template sent.

Ugh man it’s 5am?