New R.Mika Player



I am a new player to SF5 I want to main r.mika but non of my friends own street fighter 5 and there is no one near my location that likes fighting games. I “played” USF4 (aka I owned the game played it for a bit but got bored since no one played with me) I want to give fighting games a serious chance and I decided to get SF5 since well I like the charters in this fighting game and i found r.mika to be a character I like. I was told to play someone that I enjoy and since Ibuki is not released yet I would like to learn r.mika so I am looking for r.mika players to play with so that I can learn her. I want to get good enough at playing r.mika so that I can win matches online at least 50% and have FUN playing the game. My last attempt at trying a fighting game with USF4 failed because all the characters I found cool were insanely hard to play and I just got bodied over and over.

This will be my first serious attempt at playing a fighting game, since i usually play FPS or RPGS.

My PSN is SinisterGold feel free to add me and we can start playing whenever i really wish to get good at this game and i find practicing simple combos in the training room alone very boring.


Hi, I was recently thinking about coaching someone how to play Mika. I just thought it would improve my game as well. I’m not the best Mika, Silver only but I think the problem is my reaction and execution is bad. Can’t anti-air for the life of me. Anyways I know most of the Mika tech out there right now and understand how she should be played.

For now if you want, upload a video of where you lost and don’t know what you did wrong. I’ll analyze it for you.


Sure just add me on ps4 my psn is SinisterGold


I could use some training as well, psn is psychoeva. Rmutua ill add you if you ever want to play some so we can both level up.


ok sweet lets do it up!


Sent psn friend request. Are you just SinisterGold on there? I noticed there was also an xXsinisterGOLDXx. Also ill probably be playing laura since im trying to get better wih her. At least we wont have mirror matches lol.


my name is Sinister_Steel sorry not sinistergold


K, invite sent.