New Radiohead - King Of Limbs Album 02/19/11


The King of Limbs : Where are you?

9 dollars for mp3

15 for wav (i think)

In Rainbows was so fantastic I cant wait to hear this!



video for the first single

lol @ thom in this video


Likin’ the new album. Kinda short with only 8 tracks, but whatever. Definitely a headphones type of album unless you’ve got a hellified stereo setup.




I agree with the headphones comment, like a friend said to me earlier tonight, it’s trippy stuff. I feel like you need to put on some cans to dive in those layers of sound. Not amazing but very solid.


Its not one of their bests by far but it was a cool listen. Good background music lol.

In Rainbows was way better though. In rainbows had so many great songs on it, it was ridiculous. This stuff is more subtle, ambient, chill out music with only a couple standout tracks. Its very Broken-Beat influenced with the drum patterns.


y’all had me hooked with “headphones & trippy”! XD


The only radio head album I ever listened to was OK Computer. What are their best albums?


I had been discussing this with a few friends online and off. We all concluded that this felt like an “In Rainbows” b-side. Still a good listen though. :tup:


Ok Computer is their best album (IMO). Then you have Kid A, Amnesiac, and In Rainbows that are also amazing and everything else they’ve put out is pretty awesome too. Their earlier stuff like Pablo Honey and The Bends are more simpler arrangements and pop rock tracks but they’re also very good. They’re one of the only bands that can try anything and have it work for the most part.


I wasn’t a fan of the intro then the next 2 tracks came and I was happy.


What is the meaning of Lotus Flower lyrics? What I got out of it is Thom saying people find enlightenment from being okay with their flaws.