New Ranbat game

Ok since Blaze Blue is essentially dead… I’m thinking about replacing it with either Mvc2 or 3s… Please vote on which one would you rather have at our ranbats…

IFC Zangief…
(If you thought Zangief was pringles in sf4 just wait until SSF4)

I say screw everything till Tekken 6. :slight_smile:

3s and Marvel are pretty even as far as popularity goes here, I think, so it’s pretty hard. If I had to choose I would go 3s.

I Would choose hdr. But I agree with stone too. Might as well wait for a new hotness to arise.

saturday > sunday you non football watching faggots

i’m always in town for saints game but i aint missing the game/party for ranbats

Hmmm my neighbor watches football and hes a Faggot???:xeye:

I honestly think you should just keep BB. Even though the turnout this week was ass you gotta realize those games will do just as bad if not worse (see BFTS and the MS tourney) A good bit of people who play where working or are BR (Trumpet, Gary, Dakota, Stone, Voomer, ect)

Also last night i found 2 random players from LA in ranked match that messaged me (decent players at that) and a random MB/Smash player from BR that had a good Jin a few weeks back. So with me running around in ranked matches i can promote the scene.

In general it’ll be a lot easier to promote BB since it’s newer and has future versions than it will be outdated games that’ll bring in the same/less numbers. I just say drop the $8 entry fee and charge 1 flat $3 fee and then $5 for each of the 2 games.

For the tournaments i think there should be one every other week but have 2 sets of 2 and do them once a month (SF4/BB) (T6 and hold a vote @ PNT not on SRK for the 4th game) KOF XII, SC4, 3S, MVC2, GG, HDR. When you’re looking for numbers you need to factor in the casuals.


Do both… this pass ranbat there was sf4, blaze as well as the saints game on…
Beside watching the saints play is really not that serious IMO… I think ur using that as a reason not to come…:smile:

no i’m dead serious, in my family we treat saints game as a holiday to everything else. i’m heavy into football and have been since i was born. we usually hold getotgethers and all watch the game. i’m in town at least once a month, i could easily make that once a month the weekend of the ranbat if it were on saturday but…it’s not.

some people are passionate about things others aren’t, theres a lot of people who will say playing SF4 isnt that serious imo…

Yes, most of our wives and/or girlfriends would say that. :slight_smile:

i actually attended BFTS the weekend after my girl and her sister got evicted from their apartment:sweat:…boy did i get chewed out for not helping her pack

I guess man…to each there own… I rather watch the high lights on ESPN…




I actually have 1 tv to play sf4 and another tv to watch DA MIGHTY CHICAGO BEARS:grrr: !!

3S is the BEST!

waku waku 7

This game is too good.