New Rank SSF4-AE Pc Top 10 in BP - 06/12/11

Here’s an updated rank of Super Street Fighter 4 - Arcade Edition PC. The guys are playing for real huh!

Wow you must have alot of time…

lol @ Guile being top BP

if they try to play against each other there’ll be a lot of lag…

Oh come on, make it top 15!

Raise your hands everybody who thought these rankings were going to be from June 12.

I actually played and beat the 9th ranked river white and his claw with my scrubby ken.
Got a YouTube video of it as well. Proper funny.

Seriously, just because you beat this or that player once, twice, a few rounds, does not mean anything. Good players (if they were), are not always on the top, and sometimes it could be their little brother player, or they might not even be trying.

Don’t let your pride and ego get the best of you.

Now, are these the ranking scores without the cheaters who hacked the leaderboards?

jbhammer777 ragequit on me once when i almost beat him with my bad blanka

You can’t tell whether they’ve cheated or not unless you play them.
If the cheater can change the point to infinite number, he can change that to 5kpp/ 10bp etc…

Lol all international players. No wonder I’ve never fought any of these guys.

Right, that’s why I mention scrubby. As to refer to my lucky win. Read the post correctly next time.