New RB is out: 21-1-2006

Seed that shit down!


when are they gonna pay Daigo to come and beat the cheater?

Looks like the announcer Kokujin plays in this one. Nice.

What do you guys use for a torrent client? I’ve tried to avoid having to use it up to this point, but I want the latest ranking battle too much :stuck_out_tongue: Using the official client right now and my torrent isn’t going anywhere :x

well that was pretty good, Nuki barely beats a Urien AGAIN :confused: but seeing Ranbat Uriens is really fun because they always pull off some new trick you’d never expect.

i see kokujin play all the time?

If someone gets the chance, could you set up a direct download? I’m on a Mac and our Torrent programs are crap.

Really really want to see this one.

I’ll seed all night. Downloading now.

Im seeding right now, and atleast until someone can put up
a direct download.

When someone does feel like uploading the video, is great for free hosting (most of the people who have DD’d the Ranbats in the past have used it).


HAHA! That would be sick. Umehara still hasn’t been in any Gamers Vision ranbats. KSK and co. should kidnap him.

I think I can handle that.

It should be in the 3rd season subfolder. Let me know if there’s something wrong with the uploaded file.

Excellent! Thank you so much. I’ll let you know how it goes.

EDIT: Download works perfectly, thanks!

I saw Umehara in one of the Ranbats and he lost to RX.

it wasn’t a ranbat. It was last year’s gvision SBO qualifier

Nice RB , lots of good Dudleys …
Unfortunatelly she won again …

Dudley POWA this Ranbat Senaka putting in a great showing but again Nuki just snatches it :arazz:

I’m starting to hate Nuki

But, seriously, he doesn’t win just because he uses Chun. Each time I see him play, the most I can see how amazing his skills are.

I can’t wait for this year’s gvision SBO qualifier. Last years’s was awesome and like over an hour long. Aruka FTW @ SBO4!!!

It sucks that Aruka was seeded with Nuki in the quarter finals. Sucks its not a 2/3 with those heavyweights.

If you watch Nuki fight another Chun (like Raoh or JWong), you can see that he’s clearly a lot better with the character. That’s why he wins.