New.....really struggling

Well im new, began my SF career if you will watching pretty much every guide for ryu out there, and im at the point now where all i do is lose. I practice about 2-3 hours a day but when i go online ranked I literally lose everygame. Im lucky to even hit the opponent twice if that. Its really getting frustrating. Ive been just trying to do basic fundamental stuff as shown here just using the absolute basics and i just get mopped. Ive won maybe 7 times in the last month and have gone from 150-0pp and now 200-0pp. Im truly at a loss, im determined to keep playing im just not sure what else to do at this point. I only have playing with Ryu so far.

That’s how fighting games are, and takes TIME fellow. Gotta ask yourself:
Will I enjoy it more if I put the time into it?
Will I enjoy it more if I put the muscle memory to it?

Drills drills drills in anything.

Just keep playing.
At this point you mostly meet people that have played the game for a couple of years, so it takes time to get on their level.
Luckily there’s so much tech exposed and so many good tutorial videos like the one you just linked, that it’s easier to catch up.

Don’t worry too much though, in 2 weeks we all gonna have a fresh start.

Switched characters today…tried out bison. Charge characters are much more my style idk why i didnt change sooner, actually won today. thanks for the replies.

Good call, I don’t see a lot of Bison players online. Unfamiliarity can give you a good edge sometime. Keep goin psycho