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Taken from my arcade…basically my remy vs people at my arcade :confused:





real nice playing :tup:

say, are you doing>SAII on reaktion? O_O cuz it sure looks like that.

For the most part yea…like I know when to expect it. For example if I throw a LOV and dash in and I see their char doing the parry motion, I know it’s pretty much safe to do it. It’s a little hard to do it on reaction, since you have to be quick, but I’m becoming a little bit better at it. An easier and safer way to do it is to do cr. lp twice, that’s a lot safer and you can easily bust out an SAII if the opponent gets hit by the lp…I obviously know this but don’t employ it…go figure.

Also, I’d like to clarify that on the Elena matches I kept trying to parry the double sweep things he kept doing, I could have easily blocked them, but I was trying to practice the parrying timing just right…obviously failing miserably. I knew they wre coming since their his favorite attack at wake up, so I figure I’d give parrying them a try, since I don’t play elena’s that often.

Also, I was talking to Dagger_G who asked me why I didn’t do the obviously powerful mid air Fierce xx flash kick when opponent is in the air. I’m trying some new stuff out…for example, mid air fierce the opponent, land and do a sonic boom that will hit them while they’re in the air, dash forward to be behind them as they land and Kara grab…it works 99% of the time (unless they counter). If you’re good you can dash and then do cr lk xx SAII if your reaction is quick enough.

I was actually talking about the situations where you hit them with a jumping fierce near the corner. The best followup would be short cbk into razorkick, which does more damage than a grab reset (and is guaranteed). Plus you get the razorkick knockdown which gives you a lot of okizeme options.

Oh lol, I forgot that when we spoke about it I misunderstood the question and you corrected me then too…here I go again =\

Yea…I really don’t know what’s going on with me, I used to do that every time, now I’m doing grabs without even thinking…don’t ask me why, my brain sucks sometimes. It’s the same thing when I parry and I automatically grab after any parry, even if they jumped in at me with an attack…I don’t know why I do it, but it’s just a habit…stupid habits.

it’s in a way harder to get the lp, lpxxSAII since you’ve gotta be closer. mayby your thinking about that without noticing you think about it and do the since you know it will hit anyway :looney: (ok, that sounded strange)

I personally think it’s easier, especially after jump in fierce, cr lp cr lp flash kick or SAII, it gives you more time to realize that the lps are hitting, so it’s easier to do the SA…at least in my opinion. If they’re blocking the lp while crouching then you can just UOH and depending on the char, if you hit them you can xx into SAII, if not you can continue your mix up.

nice vids

what did you use to record?

My Panasonic DV cam

interesting… iwst.

one of the videos featured you doing a LOV and it hit the opponent in mid-air and you comboed that with a flash-kick

good job bro! i’mma try that sometime

i’ll check these out when i am not on dial up.

Whoa really nice play man. Awesome perfect on that Oro btw :smiley:

Nice!! Pretty good stuff. We should mirror match sometime.

PS. You can also combo by throwing a LOV and then CBK instead of a Flash Kick. 2 Hits. I’ve done it before. But that Flash Kick WAS sweet!

If they parry the LOV, then the Flash kick is much more unexpected, since most non Remy players don’t know much about partitioning, and don’t expect that flash kick. The CBK is somewhat easier to parry, specially with more experience’d players, I know this from experience. The only reason this worked as a combo is because the player did not Parry the LOV…which is rare when playing most average people.

True that. But if you are playing an experienced player, I am most sure they would know about partitioning. But when the chance comes that they fail to parry the LOV, FK or CBK adds damage.

Also, I remember once I threw a LOV as an AA and they went over it. But I got them with the CBK and they got hit back and went into the LOV. 2 hits and it looked coooool.

Yo PLD, I saw you posting in the AI thread…do you go there often? I really can’t stand their sticks, but if you go there it must mean you’re near Regency in long beach as well…(don’t know if you’ve ever been there) that’s the arcade I go to.

Yeah I live in La Puente. 605-10. I go to AI sometimes. I don’t stick to just one arcade. I go to Super, JG, AI, AA, and the poolhall by my school has a 3s Cab. But the sticks aren’t working.=[

Regency I haven’t gone to. I was planning on going there sometime soon. Long Beach is a drive though. But I might stop by sometime and we can mirror match. PM me or something.

And yeah, AI sticks are small. Best sticks I have played are JG. They made me think twice about getting a Sanwa. Good HAPPS they got there.

i notice you do alot of chase downs after the high lov, you ever try the low lov then chase after that? personal preference i guess but what do you think about low lov’s on wake up?

nice vids, i like your charging you do alot of good down charging for the rrf.

i notice another thing too you never do cr short into low lov. what do you think about that little string?

It’s not me in the video but I’ll tell you my thoughts.

I also do the high LOV chase. But I don’t do it as much as iwst99 does. Low LOV I think are good to mix up. I don’t think you can do much after a low LOV except for maybe and UOH. But I do it sometimes.

Cr. short into low LOV, I think you should just FK. Takes more damage and knocks them down. But I also do cr. short to LOV sometimes.

There’s lots of setups for low sonic boom chasing. It’s also much safer for gaining distance when you’re nearly full screen away. Remy’s dash goes a bit too far when chasing high sonics, and you are open to getting hit with low pokes if the distance is incorrect (if the guy crouches it).

It’s generally not a good idea to parry the high sonics if you’re of the opposing
party. High sonics are more for anti air and restricting offensive movement.

Cr.short x low sonic is a great string, especially if done in the corner. Do some walking charge action and mix it up with x low sonic, max range kara grabs, st.fierce, and kara uoh. The trap is similar to that tosaka combo video from way back with all the walking charges. I made a crappy video demonstrating it.

Its just the walking charge by itself, I forgot to demonstrate the other mixups.