New Requesting AV Assistance!

Sup, ya’ll. Yeah, I’ve been a lurker on the boards for a bit here and can see that this place is pretty dope. So, I decided to try my luck and try and post a bit to test the waters… :confused: So, yeah…

There’s one thing I noticed about SRK, and that’s almost everybody has a pimp ass avatar, son. So, I’d like to rise to the ranks and join them.

I was wondering if would be possible to make a sig out of this image

To show what and size and style I’d like… I’d like it to be something similar to this size, but… not that dark blue, but a dark red/crimson with the words “Doc” on the bottom left corner.

If anyone would be kind enough to this for me. It would be greatly appreciated!

ill do this one

here i hope you like it.

Yo! That is tight! I really appreciate it, man! :wgrin: