New revolutionary 3d fighting game

Well guys, here it is. My ideas for the most hardcore fighting game ever. Nothing can top this. This is what the game features will be:

-Control scheme is as follows: 5 buttons
punch, kick, grapple, block, jump

Movement will be like DOA or GTA, where you can move in any direction freely. Like in GTA, you can either walk normally/slowly by simply holding down the analog gently, or you can full out run by holding it down all the way. You can use the jump button to jump, and you can even do combos of running, then jumping and attacking an enemy(like flying jump kicks). No 20 feet in the air GG style jumps, but you will have way better jumping than that found in games like VF and Tekken. So no goofy ass moonjumps that don’t do shit.

-You can climb and jump onto obstacles like in GTA. Each arena will be HUGE,(some may be around the size of a city block in a GTA game) and you’ll be able to utilize it fully to your advantage. Hop over walls/fences, climb onto ledges, drop down onto your opponent, both jump up and climb onto ledges to escape one another, fighting on ledges, the works. Climbing is done by pressing jump and then the grapple button to grab onto whatever ledge/object you wish to climb.

-You can also pick up weapons using the grapple button. Bottles, pipes, baseball bats, knives. You can even rip pipes out of walls, smash out glass from windows and other things and use them as weapons. Environments are fully interactive like Def Jam FFNY, so you can knock someone into a fire hydrant, then hold their face in the water to fuck them up, or smash someone’s face through a glass window and cut their ass.

-Instead of a lifebar, the game uses a special stamina system, so you gotta truly knock your opponent out, not decrease their lifebar and win with a weakass jab. Fights will be rather long due to this. There will be no timer. To prevent turtling however, we have a special feature. If any player starts to turtle too much(ie. running away all the time, blocking is fine, but if you avoid combat this happens) for too long, snipers will fire off shots which can be heard, as a warning, and the announcer will warn that person they better start fighting and stop being a bitch. If they continue running away, the snipers shoot their ass from an undisclosed location, killing them. If both players play keep away and running like that, they both get shot. And no, you can’t hit someone once, then run away, there is no timer, you won’t time out and win, your ass will get shot and your opponent will win. Don’t be a bitch in this game. You have a LOT of options for fighting, so why run like a bitch all the time?

-Special fatality system, where you can try to do a finishing move on your opponent when they are at low stamina. You can either do your special finisher, or a brutality, where you are able to link together all your numerous combos(each character will have tons of moves, like DOA or Tekken), and just go wild beating the fuck out of them til they die. A meter will appear during this beatdown letting you know when they will finally give out, you can even do a beatdown then stop just before the final blow and do your fatality then…

-Lots of blood, violence, and cursing. This game is gonna be hardcore. Some arenas will have spectators. Some it will rain violently as a thunderstorm hits, with lightning that can actually strike opponents during the match. You can knock people off rooftops and onto lower level rooftops, or just plain off the roof into the streets below. Stages will have multiple tiers for that, much like DOA but even better.
LOTS of blood, and I mean LOTS. And like the new MK, there will be realtime battle damage, like cuts and gaping wounds and torn clothing, and people will even bleed everywhere, like some guy fighting and blood is dripping all over the floor.

Also blood will stay on the walls and floors, so no disappearing blood shit, and if you step in blood it gets on your shoes and when you walk or run you track blood everywhere. The combat will be similar to the new MK game, by that I mean the animations will give off a real sense of weight to them. When characters throw heavy attacks or are hit, you’ll really feel like they are attacking or being fucked up. Sorta like fight scenes in The Watchmen or 300. There will also be x ray style attacks like in the new MK.

-Each character will have a very extensive movelist, much like a DOA character. Lots of sick combos, special attacks, grapples, counters. There will also be an evade function. tap forward just as an attack is about to hit, and your fighter will do an evade animation, dodging that specific attack. Yes, this is very similar to parrying from SF3, except you are dodging the attack, not stopping it. You can evade an entire combo if you are skilled enough to time your evades perfectly. You can also launch a counter attack between evades if you can attack your opponent before they launch another attack(or they are finished attacking of course). This will add a LOT to the core gameplay, and make the game very exciting.

Also in this game you can dive back and forward and to the sides, like in Gunz(in case anyone played, it’s by Ijii, this real cool action shooter game that lets you dodge and shit) or Devil May Cry. This adds to the hardcore action and makes the fights feel even more fluid and action packed and dynamic.

In addition, the game will use a realistic ragdoll physics engine like the one used in GTA 4. So you’ll get different animations when being attacked, unlike fighters like Tekken that used the same canned animations. No punch will hit exactly the same way each time…

-Also the game will have various modes for you to have fun with. There will be the following modes:

Arcade - this is the typical fight all the chars then the boss and get a cg ending mode.

Story - you fight all the chars but have cutscenes and interaction between characters in the matches, and you learn the histories behind the characters and why they are fighting, and what happens to them after the tournament… This mode will also include parts where you will fight thugs, soldiers, and other minions of the boss, sorta like Tekken 6 Scenario Campaign mode. So you’ll really get into the story and the game’s world. You can even carjack people and drive vehicles!

4 player mode - up to 4 players can duke it out in any arena of your choice, you can even have ai opponents if you want.

Night Driving mode - you can simply drive around the city at night and just enjoy the scenery while listening to music on the game’s soundtrack.

Let me know when you finish making it.

KOF and SF and basically dead to me. Naruto and Mortal Kombat is coming up and should be interesting. Being a fighting game fan I would probably try the new Tekken and Virtua Fighter for the heck of it.

I have one question: Will it include Kakuto Chojin characters?

this shit is freeeasy.

see what I did there?!

That answer your question?

All the characters will be completely revamped with new designs and movelists.

The boss will be Daeva. Her story is she is an evil CEO business woman who mysteriously took over the city and rules it with an iron fist. After she came to the city, it became very corrupt, and filled with violence and bloodshed, as though her very presence was causing people to go mad. Every New Years Eve she holds the Gauntlet of Fire tournament, a no holds barred tournament that appeases the blood lust of the people in the city. Little do people know, she is also the leader of a blood cult known as The Maladinia, and they perform sacrifices for great power. She now holds the tourney again, this time with her competing herself to finalize her plan to gain even more power and eventually become the ruler of the entire world.

Her human form will look similar to this,
with a similar outfit, but more badass looking. her fighting style will be somewhat similar to Zafina and Voldo, with lots of real crazy overly flexible attacks that look humanly impossible. After beating her human form, you must then fight her in hell, in her true form, which looks like a mix of her KC look and Kerrigan. her fighting style will remain the same but with a more demonic twist, like her clawing you viciously, goring you with her horns, impaling you on her claws, stomping your face and groin with her hooves, and so on. She’ll even use dark energy to fight with, making her one of the few characters with a projectile attack.

Also her human form name will be Lucy Prescott, and she’ll be arabic. before you face her you have to face one of her experiments inside a large elevator in her HQ office building. Then you get to fight her in her throne room, as the city outside is being fucked up and meteors flying and smashing into buildings and shit as cool music plays. And her throne room looks like some freaky ass giger shit


That shit won’t be in my game, Steve Wilkos fucking sucks.

I agree with this.

no block button

no jump button

no grapple button

When I read it was gonna be the most hardcore fighting game ever I thought you meant it was gonna cater to hardcore players, not be a mature game in that it’ll be violent and have lots of cursing -.-

Trust me, hardcore players will love it. It’ll have a TON of depth, unlike Tekken, that shallow button masher.

Those buttons are important for the core gameplay, I’ll explain later.

Get this dumb shit off my SRK.

More on the gameplay:

The game will infact use 6 buttons, not 5 as previously stated:
punch, kick, jump, grapple, counter, block. Counter is done like it is in DOA, albeit with much stricter timing, and doing far less damage. Environmental hazards will be the same(except the the deathtraps) so it won’t be like DOA where you can do a counter, knock someone off a cliff and damn near kill them. Counters can be done during stun, grapples however override counters. Evading will be done by tapping forward just as an attack is about to hit, similar to SF3 parrying, or better yet, Bloody Roar 3’s evade system. When successful, your character will do a dodging motion and dodge the attack. You can keep evading attacks if you are skilled enough to continue evading as each attack comes. If you are fast enough you can evade an attack and launch your own counter attack before the enemy can hit you. Grapples will be done like Def Jam Vendetta, with you using the grapple button and different directions on the d pad to do various grappling moves.

Also in this game, blocking will be punished, with a limb damage system. Block too many strong attacks, and your limbs can get damaged, causing you to be unable to block and making your attacks with those limbs weaker. The moment in which a limb is damaged, you will be guard crushed, making you vulnerable to attack. So don’t block too much, make use of countering and evading!

Hurry up and make this game so I can NOT play it already…

I mean come on, do you have a programmer? Do you have someone to make the 3D models and animations? Do you have voice actors and sound engineers?

OR are you just some idiot that keeps making “I wish, and wouldnt it be cool if?” threads, and annoying everyone?

Heh, you never know. It could turn out to be the game that will take full advantage of your typewriter stick.

Yes, we have an entire team working on this. We had to flesh out core concepts first. Or would you rather end up with a mindless button masher like Tekken?

And in case you are wondering, I’ll be voicing Vegard and Reiji, my wife will be doing the voice for Daeva.

not bad, i liked Hitler-Bison more though, will there be as much sodomy in this one? i was really looking forward to all the sodomy

No, that was my idea for revamping SF. I had an idea to revamp Metroid also, with Samus getting revenge on John Ridley, a rogue miner/space pirate who got mutated by a green rock that made him evil and a dragon.

Anyway, I wonder now, is it good for a fighter to give every character counters? Did that even work in DOA, or just ruin it? I wonder now if scrapping the DOA style counters may be best.