New Ride. (Oregon Scene)


So I got my OWN ride a couple days ago. I just need to get insurance and go to the DMV to change the car in my name.

Pretty much I hope to see you guys a lot more and make it out to the scene.


everyone’s playing sc2 bro


In that case I’m deleting my SRK account


Trust me, not everyone’s playing yet another sequel to a dead franchise that’s worse than the original, we’re playing SSF4.


nice 1


goood shit virsaga.


Thank you, you should accept my FR


I don’t know of any FR but ill be on the look out for it.
Why you gotta kick me from your room on xboxlive!?


If I remember I had to go downstairs and didn’t have time… sorry sir. I exited the lobby


Congrats man, what car did you end up getting?


A v8 94 Lincoln. And thanks


Say that in Korea…they might shank you lol…damn Koreans and Starcraft. At least its lasted longer than KOF12

but congrats mr. Virsaga