New Rival Schools Game

Hi all, remember Rival Schools? I started a group on facebook for it…it would be awesome if you guys are interested in Capcom possibly making a new one please join or post comments here about what you would like to see in the new game.

It would be cool, but “wouldn’t it be cool if ______ was resurrected” rarely ever happens.
I think the new Darkstalkers announcement is the closest thing to that happening on Capcom’s side.
We’ve been asking for CvS3 forever and a decade…

Keep the hope alive though man, remember how everyone was saying (10 years after the fact) that there would never be another Marvel VS Capcom? Well…Capcom does listen to the community. My biggest fear though is that this game has a cult following and not enough people to stand behind it. Im sure if they added all the “schoolgirls” from street fighter (Ibuki, sakura again, Makoto, Chun (as one of the older characters like in the other games) etc etc , this could be a hit. JMO

MvC3 was something Capcom wanted to do. They just legally couldn’t because I think Activision had the Marvel license.

Misleading thread title is misleading. :shake:

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I think there’s a legit reason rival schools won’t come back and it has something to do with the creator being pretty bitchy about his characters…or something.

Don’t hold me to that. I think it also plays on why we haven’t seen a port of some kind by now either. (be it a PS2 port, DLC port, etc.)

Not gonna happen. The fighting game genre will be over saturated next year and then die in 2013 thanks to Capcom.


can we get GGPO in every capcom fighter first before we start asking for new games? its pretty close to 2012 and sf4 6\mvc3 are fucking GARBAGE online and we’re the only tournament scene that still has to deal with that shit.

casual scene is straight up killing the tournament scene with this type of garbage. Its bad enough already because we have comeback mechanics in EVERY capcom fighter, dumbed down engines, easier combos to the point where they’re derp, DLC characters becoming top tier and basically turning a skill game into magic the gathering.

just wish you guys would STFU and quit asking for crap.

That’s what I think about a new rival schools game.

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More schoolgirls

You should make a thread about that…

Thread title: “Street Fighter x Tekken will feature GGPO, says Capcom”

Content of first post: “Wouldn’t it be cool if that happened?”

Really hoping the new Soul Calibur will fill the gap that the lack of Rival Schools/Power Stone left.


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