New Rival Schools Game

Wow you guys really took my post the wrong way completely. I’m not saying it plays like either, just a 3D fighting game with some flash.

Tekken, Virtual Fighter, and Soul Calibur have all kept things really fundamental, and I can respect that and can’t see Virtual Fighter and Tekken going any other direction without becoming something other than themselves, the new Soul Calibur is trying to bring in new players by adding a lot of flash. Sure, I don’t agree with the way it is being done (super meter and all of that) but it’s still something that has been sorely missed in 3D fighters, at least by me.

At least that’s what I’m assuming you took my vague statement and responded with your even more vague statements of disapproval at what ever the hell it was you thought I was implying. Seriously, there was little reason for such reaction on such a vague post.

wish capcom would just put all the old arcade games on psn.

Dammit, ya made me think something coolw as actually happening

instead all I got is a crappy petition hat you should know wouldn’t work

really, man now Im bummed out.

Misleading title man.

Ono said nothing else is happening until after Darkstalkers 4 anyway.

Actually the FGC just implodes on itself after that and we all play the same games for the next 10–wait a minute I see where I’m going here…

Edit: On topic fixing current fighters is prolly the best thing atm.
Part 2: BTW, wth is up with making a facebook group about it? As if people didn’t want to avoid your (admittedly well-intentioned, if a bit naive) idea before…

Harada is right. People do believe GGPO is a form of magic.

Wont happen with Rival Schools/Justice since they’re contractually obliged to pay the old VAs for every new release, but for some reason, they can’t get in touch with some of the VAs.

Actually, it is. Even if it had the crappiest fighters around I’d rather play GGPO than a lot of mainstream FG’s netplay. As it so happens, GGPO has the best FG’s ever, so you win on both accounts.

Fuck this thread and the 2-seconds of excitement I had before clicking on it.

I remember your dumb ass from previous talks about this and you’ve proven more than once you don’t know jack shit about this topic so kindly just STFU. Because of people like you whom purposely remain ignorant for w\e reason, we’re still stuck with this shitty ass net code companies keep pumping down our throats.

GGPO to date is the best form of net code suited to fighters. No one on their own has even come close and if you back track all of capcoms netcode they put out by themselves, its pretty easy to see.

sf4\mvc3 vc are all modern capcom games and they’re fucking trash online. It doesn’t even take a rocket scientist to realize that, you just have to know how to play but I doubt you can play anything well.

games like hdr\mvc2\3soe are not capcom net code games, those are ggpo or the back bone version of ggpo. Whenever capcom tries to do it by themselves its always trash.

I have immense anger for this thread title

I suppose you do mr. armchair network engineer. Sorry if my online experience with SFIV wasn’t as awful as yours. I still stand about I say about that.

MvC2, 3S and HDR are over a decade old and GGPO or GGPO-like were proven to work well those games and that’s why it was used for them. I would love to hop on the bandwagon but unless I know how well it works for a modern game like a T6, SCIV, SFIV or MvC3 I’m not going to blindly demand they be used for those games.

No one’s asking for the impossible; we just would like something decent this time around. Is SF4 online playable? Yes. Is it good? No. Partially due to current-gen consoles (those things are freaking old by this point, wish PC was king), next gen I’d expect there to be more memory available for good netplay.

With Next Gen I expect for consoles to have dedicated server support. It can help in a small way. I can understand the feeling. I pretty much given up playing MvC3 online.

easiest way to tell someone is a scrub is to see whether or not they list the characters they play in their sig. Oh hey!!! you have that!!! hmm…

and its not only my experience with sf4 online, daigo has said otherwise calling it trash as well as other players of the same skill. If world champions call it bad in the USA and you’re calling it good, who’s really wrong? I doubt its daigo. Its just that you’re probably so bad @ the game you can’t tell the differences.

And? Daigo’s experience is not reflective of my own. If it was terrible for him that’s unfortunate. It doesn’t change the fact that SFIV online was decent for me.

Chill out, no need to be disrespectful. Its already been stated before that GGPO is a relatively processor-intensive middleware which would require heavy modification on the developer’s part to even be suitable for modern fighters like MvC3 and SFIV. GGPO isn’t some magic fix that’ll cure all of the netplay woes that affects CPU-intensive fighters on PS3 and 360.

His (somewhat insulting) point was that for the average joe the online is tolerable, but for anyone actually decent at the game it’s a pain in the ass because you can’t play the way you normally do. Play the game a few more years mainly offline then see if online is tolerable for ya :wink:

I understood his point clearly. I treat it differently when I play it online. I take into account of such variables like input delay, lag spikes and other crap that makes online a pain in the ass. It may not be GGPO or even Blazblue online but I can have fun with it.

What’s wrong with telling people what character(s) you play in your sig? That’s probably one of the dumbest things I ever read.

First of all, namedropping to support your arguments isn’t really going to help you seem right to anyone, and neither is being condescending over nothing. Plenty of people play and enjoy the modern fighting game online experience. Of course there are problems with it when you compare it to the top levels of competition, as there are with FPS and RTS. I’m confident that if GGPO would dramatically improve the online experience Capcom would do everything in they could do use it to improve their games. Also, Daigo’s not a world champion anymore.