New Rival Schools?


From the Magic Box:

“Capcom has registered a new game patent Apollo Justice in Japan, it is unclear whether it is a new installment of Project Justice / Rival Schools or a brand new title.”

I always liked the Rival Schools series.



what ever happened to Rival Schools Reunion…lol

I hope it is a new title


Wait and see is what I always believe in when it comes to news like this.


holy fuck that would own so hard



A new Rival Schools game would rock hard. Hell, any new Capcom fighter would rock.


It’s believed to be Capcom USA’s name for the main character of Gyakuten Saiben’s 4th iteration. Just like the previous ones being called Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, Phoenix Wright: Justice for All, Phoenix Wright: Trials and Tribulations. The fourth won’t have Phoenix in it except for cameo. That is why Apollo Justice is most likely the name of the main character and will be the title of the game case.

Though I too wish it was for a new rival schools.


I thought he died.

Drago’s shitting in his boots now.


Yes its one of those lawyer games.


As much as I love Rival Schools…


though capcom does need to get off their ass and make another RS game… hell, even a pack with RS and Project Justice will work!


Aaarrghh. Oh well, thanks for clarifying that one. :tup:


:lovin: the older Ema Skye.


As much as I love Capcom…I don’t believe that to be so anymore.they did make CFE after all.


I read in a video game magazine that capcom is releasing a fighting game. Though I can’t remember the name of the game. I have been trying to find it on the net but no go.

It’s suppose to be a fighting game based off a popular japanese comic book. Kind of like what they did for jojo.

Unfortunately the author of the review said that it’s not as good as street fighter but has it’s moments.

I will try to go back to my book store a write down the name of the game but if anyone has heard of such things let me know.




yup that’s the one. kenichi
I knew it started with a “K” and was a japanese word.





Loved me some Rival Schools back in the day.

Wouldn’t mind another go at it.


Too bad it’s not Rival Schools… Groan :annoy:


So, could THIS rival the MvC3 screencaps that PsychoSquall made a few years back? Man, OP got baited…HARD!!!

Anyway, it was pretty obvious that Ace Attorney 4 was coming to America. This series is too strong. Good shit, Capcom.

Oh, and Rival Schools Evolution disc > Project Justice.


Goddamnit, you got my hopes up over the thread title… :sad: