New Robocop movie



Hmm…how to feel about this…last I saw Robocop, he was flying around…and it was lame…

And this is a shameless reboot…but with better special effects…
:tup: ? Maybe

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I just got that sickening feeling like when I watch a Paul W. S. Anderson movie

stairs > tank


Don’t do that to me please, I don’t want to see incomprehensible plots and his aging wife getting naked again while making Robocop look like a bitch in his own movie.

Just keep the tongue in cheek dark humor, cyberpunk-ish backdrop, and automatic deagle and I am happy. Also I hope the Robocop outfit doesn’t get an EXTREME makeover, it’s a pretty iconic look as is.


Needs more Twin Samurais. Just mesh all the movies into one.


I need to hear him say “Louis QUIET!” too…with his gigantic robo pelvis walking into the screen during every scene…

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Can you fly, Bobby?


I loved the Robocop movies. They were a strange combo of cheesy and awesome in one. I hope the update will lean more towards good story and action though.


Eeeeeeh I dunno. Reebots are godawful. Here’s what you can expect. An “ok” movie, filled with CG, 2 hour exposition and the last 20 minutes filled with action.

It won’t capture the charm of the first one, guaranteed. Just by checking out the site the movie is too… clean. Robocop was a dirty movie set in a dirty environment. ED-209 looks waaaaay too sleek in this. Not to mention what we saw of RoboCop. Shiny, CG and explosions. That’s what you’re getting.

This would have worked if they would have pulled a Terminator Salvation. Just go on with the story set in the future to explain the updates done to RoboCop. But nope! Don’t expect the original movie here.


Robocop when you’re 7 years old equals WTF is this Dad!?


This might have potential. Like all movies, I’ll wait for the heads up before I go watch.


I’ll buy that for two dollars (and four cents)


I saw Robocop when I was like 6 or 7 on vhs rental. I remember some parts that messed me up. Fast forward to around 2008/09 and when I was on some nasty psychedelics, saw it on comcast on demand with a buddy and had similar visceral gut feelings. Not sure about the second or 3rd movie, and unless this reboot doesn’t match how dark the original one was, I won’t even bother. Robocop was on another level.


I have a mix of feelings.

I feel they should try to keep a semblance of gritty from the first (2) flicks.
But like the first flick, keep the growth of humanity back within Robocop just like the first movie (2nd and 3rd sorta dumped that).
3rd just added a bunch of unnecessary crap, along wit crap plot and pretty much kiddified everything else.

What I probably expect:
-Robocop will be more agile (face it, people will make arguments that even those gangsters with their shorts hanging below their knees would outrun Robo if he were to retain his past movies walk speed).
-Level of violence will be just enough for PG-13 (now mind some folk, film makers have been pushing the hell out of this rating with differing levels of violence, but I don’t think expected income WOULD be effected much if they decide to hell with it and go the full R rating…if to make things gritty (cause that website It’s billing itself as a Mega Corp. advertising bit for a reason…so there’s why what they showed was shiny: Joe Millionaire might want that ED-209 for his own front yard!)

The bad guys MUST be extra competent (the bad guys from the first movie were just numerous and more threatening (and main one had an insider within OCP), most of the cops couldn’t handle very much…up the cops level to current-levels, but increase the bad-guys competence in scale in order to really get a feel that “This is a job for Robocop!”)

Film CGI overall ain’t bad…but would like a mix of props, and if possible for CGI-heavy scenes, GIVE SOME OF THAT SHIT WEIGHT OR A FEEL THAT IT LOOKS LIKE IT WEIGHS A TON. The mini-trailer of ED blowing up that tank kinda worried me due to the way the tank…fell apart of sorts. But since it’s a mini-proto-trailer, effects should get way better. I hope.

I’m holding out hope. It’s all I got. I’m already terrified of the Total Recall remake.


His hyper advanced algorithm ensures there’s a 1 in 4 chance he arrests any black men scanned.


the first movie is way too disturbing for kids. Last time I watched on DVD it was like watching Xrated violents. With all the lefty corporatist satire its ironic how the life imitated art and this franchise began to megamerchandise so heavily, especially to kids. And considering this fact, the second movie (with the kids’ roles) is arguably made more disturbing than the first. Or maybe that was the point they were trying to make? hahaa -that just dawned on me
Anyway, the viral website at least is showing the makers are not tone deaf regarding some of the themes of the first movie. Although there must be some amount of suspension of self awareness, since this still smacks of nothing but yet another reboot cash grab.
A satire inside a satire…
it’s weird


That site is showing off ED-209 as already being warfare capable. Oh well, guess there’s not going to be a STAIRS > ROBOT scene. Watch that sucker hover.


Was RoboCop really that disturbing? The kills and action sequences were like Looney Tunes cartoons with live actors. It’s clearly not for children, but maybe because the movie was over-the-top and self-aware, the impact out of the violence was muted. Otoh I remember the nuke blast scene in Terminator 2 (with it’s blaring anti-war subtext) screwed me up when I first saw it as a kid.

Anyway whether this reboot sucks or not, the director’s other movie Elite Squad was good.


Dude was shotguned to death a point blank range with exploding body parts. You must be use to the tv edit or some shit.

Best part is that nigga getting hit by the car after taking a toxic waste bath. Who DOESN’T remember that part lol.


Dude, I just had my fiance watch Robocop over the weekend. And she freaked out at the toxic waste bath scene. It was random and fucked up, but dope all the same. I still think Robocop is serious as fuck. I am geeked for the reboot.