New ruby glitch relevent to all players


is this shit forreal? Because if it is, I think that Ruby Heart moved up a knotch on the tier list. Can you explain how it works?

its not new, it was just harder to do on dc/arcade because of button placement

:rofl: @ the music

I was looking around, anyone know how to do this?

REALLLLLLLYYYY old, not new in the slightest. I actually made a post about this in the ruby heart thread a few years ago and magnetro has covered it going into detail about which inputs allow ruby heart to fly up, stall fwd and which ones go down.

On the DC version, ruby hearts barrel is actually tied into this glitch and it hits wacky. Essentially what you get is a fucked up ass poke from really far from the opponent. On the ones that end going down, the barrel has a active hit box so you can actually do the glitch, see that it hits, qcf+pp, DHC if you wanted too.

The cool thing about this glitch is that with it, ruby heart gains some really good mobility which is part of her problem. When magneto\storm SJ, they can always control their descending angles. Mag can AD late, storm can float. Ruby heart can actually do sj rh 3-4 times which builds an insane amount of bar then use the barrel glitch to reposition somewhere on the ground.

Lastly, when you do this glitch with her super, its gets SUPER weird. You get different types of hit stun and some combo’s that otherwise wouldn’t be possible. I haven’t tried this on the next gen consoles yet but on the DC version, you have to worry about how you use the glitch because it can freeze the game. Turning your console on\off on a next gen repeatedly is probably a bad idea.

on an 8 button stick, this is really easy to use because you can wire up start to one of the other 2 buttons on your stick. That way you don’t have to use some weird ass hand arrangement to play with the glitch.

I will say that when mastered, ruby is actually BETTER with this glitch. You can use do like sj rh, rh, rh, qcf+p to find find your angle, then use the taunt glitch on the 2nd part to actually hit the ground. You can even do regular ball, regular ball, then glitch ball to make it even trickier.

Very interesting. I’m seen some vids and read some threads on it, but I’m still a bit confused on which glitch is which. The explaining hasn’t really seemed clear to me. Here is what I understand the glitches are so far:

She’s in doing Schwarz and she teleports instantly next to the opponent.

She’s doing Schwarz but she instantly drops down.

She’s doing Schwarz and teleports back to the other side of the screen (away from the opponent).

She stalls above the screen.

Can I get any clarification on this or is there something the search function has missed?

I stickied the old thread in the Ruby Heart forum.