New Russian combo Exhibition movie

E-Ninjas proudly presents the latest work of Russia?s best professional fighting movie editor SpaceMan, called “Combo Hell” (aka “Why you always kick me when I’m high?”). This time with help from Tekken team “Dark Alliance”, SpaceMan brings you almost 6 minutes of hardcore Juggles that you probably never seen before, synchronized with some very addictive music that will stay in your head for weeks to come, multiplied by breath taking editing that will rise your pulse with each passing second.
All this in one ass kicking video that will make you beg for more… + “OMG?!,WTF!” Tekken 2D scenes!
You can download it here ->

As always quality, and fun time guaranteed. So check it out and post your comments.

sounds good. I like the pic on the link. It’s from I’ll watch the vid in 10 minutes when it finishes downloading.

EDIT: 9/10. But maybe it’s cause I don’t play this game. A lot of those Kazuya combos look remotely the same. Launch 1 1 1 1 1 wgf (wgf).

The first song was kind of annoying with the thumping bass, but the video was good. Some of that stuff at the end was crazy.

wow @ hardcore rave music.

lmao if it wasn’t for the annoyance of the first song i’d give it a 10/10. it was alright in the beginning but it just went on for too damn long.

i’m not much of a tekken play but those launch 1,1,1,1,1,1 combos aren’t easy to do. it’s actually 1 ff nuetral 1. i like how you ended alot of the kazuya combos to the ff neutral adjust frame uppercut. would you mind telling me what were the first two moves you did in the second raven combo that put the enemy in stun.

The combo is -> ff hold, 4,3,3,1,ff+3,1,f+4

By the way, personaly I didnt take part in creation of this vid. So all props gose to SpaceMan and team Dark Alliace.