New RX video at

So yeah… new vid from the Urien combo master. :stuck_out_tongue:

So… problem is… Combovideos doesn’t want to let me download it and hangs whenever I try to go past the front page. Is this happenning to everyone? Or does God just hate me?

OH man, I dl’ed it, that was the sickest combo video I’ve seen in along time. Some stuff was old but alot of stuff was just awesome, plus he does the thongboy unblockable with the Tyrant Punishment.

Your not alone :sad:

This was a great video ,I loved the Urien vs Alex combo, Ryu vs Necro, Makotos reset, and of course the Thongboy unblockable.

Cool vid, some new and old stuff mixed together, liked the editing. :tup:
Can’t understand what happened at 2.43: ryu redparryesxxEXshoryuken last hit of necro’s spinning punch which is supercanceled into electric snake, first hit of EXshoryu trade with electric snake and ryu got dizzyed but he still move around and catch the freak with an EX joudan into combo. And his stun bar is full. :rofl:

Old stuff for the most part, but the Japanese have a way with making old material look brand new. Excellent video.

404 ERR

d’oh… :frowning:

works for me still

For that Chunli combo (s.lp,, super), is it done by doing the super right after the recovers?

I guess God just hates me then… lol.

and me, can some one put a torrent? I really want to see it

I loved the Tyrant Slaughter unblockable :clap:

hate you all :frowning:

ahah, RX busting out with the classic Robert Miles track, haven’t heard that in a long time. First Ryu Shinsho combo was just sick.

Can you read the character names under the bars?
Necro is stunned, not Ryu

GOD hate me too!!! can’t DL!!!

Can someone yousendit (or equal) please?

Some of us are dyin’ here… :stuck_out_tongue:

oh shit! oooops :clap: