New Ryu guide, could use your help

Hey everyone,

I’ve posted a new Ryu guide here:

This guide isn’t geared towards high level players, it’s more for newbs and mid level players to learn some new tricks and combos.

I still need to add in some videos, and probably clean up some of the sections. But I could use your help in making it better.

If you have any suggestions or thoughts, please leave them on this thread.


Just started to skim through it, and notice that you mention you can combo ex joudan off a I think the timing is super strict, and I’ve never seen anyone do this cancel in anything but combo videos on a crouching opponent. Does anyone commonly use this to punish?

Oh, also, normal Joudan hits crouching opponents almost everytime, so its a better punish move than a tatsu after parrying a low move. The twins even duck under a tatsu while standing sometimes, and I know Oro does, so I always punish them with Joudan. Might want to add that in.

How does landing throws make your opponent block high?

Maybe make mention of the ex dp being a killer wake up move if you’re getting pummeled in the corner

Excellent point. I had a brain fart there. Landing Cr. Medium Kick into EX-Joudan is difficult, better off using the standing moves after a parry. Changed the guide.

Added in the Joudan note as well. Also credited you at the end of the guide.

Thanks again man.

To throw your opponent or to tech throw you have to be standing. Many players will attempt to counter throw if you tick throw them enough.

Added that in, and also gave you credit at the end of the guide.

Thanks for the note.

Your shit is coming together pretty well

You can tech while crouching, but of course the resulting low jab has its own set of drawbacks the player needs to be aware of.

I’ll be honest here, I think Ryu’s a hard character to teach new players. The #1 problem new players have is that they have no idea to weigh risk and consistently decide on the right options. Since every special move Ryu has is unsafe except EX fireball, he’s basically the anti-noob character because you’re asking new players to do what gives them the most trouble: keeping risk as low as possible at all times. It would probably be a good idea to summarize Ryu’s normals and what each is used for. In most non-punishment situations, those and a few other things like EX fireball/ticks/kara throw/etc. are the bulk of Ryu’s game.

Guide looks good otherwise though.

My man, I wanted to post this on the guide itself but you have disabled the comments.

It’s a small thing but you got Akuma’s Messatsu Gou Rasen as “Messatsu Gou Shoryuu (Super Hurricane Kick)”

And you forgot to add that the Gou Rasen is also doable in the air.

That’s all! Pretty neat guide. No objections on the Ryu part at all!

Sorry about that, I’m hoping to have comments re-enabled in the near future.

Oops, I totally overlooked those things. I’ve made the suggested changes and also credited you for that section.

Thanks man, I appreciate you letting me know.

No problem, your guide is awesome and it really helps the community. I’m glad I could chip in. And mucho thanks for the mention, you are a very honest dude.

Let us hope one day we got guides for all characters!:tup:

A few points I’d like to bring up.

You mention Dwn MK xx Hadoken as a combo. Yes, this is a combo, but sometimes even unsafe when it hits. A lot of characters can counter this easily with a rush type move or a super.

Standing HK is great against Hugo, Urien, Alex, Dudley to keep away.
I tend to use it the most against Urien or Dudley; against Urien, it’s a safe poke after knocking them down. Urien tends to panic a bit if they are cornered and knocked down, and a lot of them wakeup with LP Headbutt. You can use LK hurricane to counter that, or DP, or block, but I use stand HK because it is lower risk than LK hurricane.

Denjin: Blocked MP Dragon punch xx Denjin pushes the opponent farther away than LP Dragon or HP Dragon. This is useful to set up Denjin, imo

Lot of mixups after a landed EX Joudan kick. You can dash under and crossover. I’ll try to look for a Youtube clip

edit: Ok I can’t find that Youtube clip, but it’s Ryu fighting Ken, Ryu hits an EX Joudan, Does standing HP, fakes out, dashes under Ken, beats Ken with a Stand HP into Dragon Punch. Ken blocked the wrong way. It was an amazing finish.

You mean that^? Yeah, that was amazing. Although, after EX Joudan, he actually did c. fierce, then dash, close hp, hp uppercut. Vanao= my 2nd fav player right behind RX. lol

Quick heads up, the Ryu guide has been updated with more stuff, including videos.

Re-linked for the lazy:

As someone has already mentioned, you do not have to be standing to tech throw. So to counter your argument, throwing often won’t necessary cause your opponent to stand up and not block low.

Ryu as with most characters can option select tech throws. The idea is to do a quick jab+short followed by another short so that :

  1. It will tech a throw
  2. It can be hit comfirmed into super.

And by far this is one of the safest options selects in the game. There are others like SGGK but that’s alot riskier.

btw, excellent guide. Keep up the good work!