New Sabertooth stuff, (DOES NOT INCLUDE TRON OR SENT)



I been getting back into sabertooth and found a pretty good team for him.

The team is Sabertooth(expansion), Juggz (ground) and irom man (AA)

This team is well rounded as I would say because all there assist connect and do big damage.

In fact, theres two infinites which are easy as hell to get out with this team.

This is kind of my infinite with Sabertooth because I havent seen anyone do it like me. I really only read about sent and sabertooth or tron and sabertooth. Rarely do I see people get into it with juggz and sabertooth.


in the corner your gonna wanna land the juggz assist. You can cross up to juggz, straight assist and hopefully land or you can do what I do and link the asist for a sure combo.

As sabertooth:

In or near corner (can be little bit less then half screen cuz juggz will carry then and so will the hcb throw):

Lk, lk + juggz assist, hcb + Hp… You will throw them into the corner and land in front. You can then crouch lk, lk and assist with iron man and then will get thrown back into the corner. You can either do another hcb throw if you want and reset the combo.

Just remember to lk, lk+ juggz asist when Sabertooth is on point because you can land alot out of it.

after you land the lk, lk assist you can:

Do the lk birdy and make your combo waaay longer.

dash forward to lp,HP or any variation of his launch.

hcb grab into inf

right when it lands do the hyper birdie for mad damager (DHC into juggs to do 90 percent)

you can even get a semi infinit if you get the timing right.

juggz, then birdie, then lk lk juggz, then birdie again (repeat).

Iron mans aa works good to because lk lk will land the AA and give you alot of options.

you can:

hcb trhow,

OTG them to name a few.

or that launch, airgrab into iron man

This team works good no matter who you have as point. This is a sabertooth thread but since im talking about my team ill give a little more with other characters.

Juggz is easy to lp, lp + sabertooth assist and you can either launch, juggerknot crush or whatever.

Of course you should know the Iron man assist and this team is really easy to start it.

Theres two different ways to do this with Iron at point.

First is,

lp,lk,lp + Juggz assist,lk… The juggz will land and you can jump up and dash forward and land either a lk, up+ hardkick into the Inf.

Or with the sabertooth assit which is easier then the easiest way to land the iron man inf.

Lp,lk,lp+ sabertoot assist, lk… The assist lands and u pause for a quick second for the player to fall a little and then you start the inf.

Also, landing the luggz asisnt gives you alot of options with iron man:

dash, luancher into combo of choice,

just do a protonon cannon

repulsar blast to OTG

Repulsar to protonon

you can even, lk+ jugzz assist and then dash forward and launch.

For sabertooths assist:

sets up repulsar

proton cannon


Just a few things that may help, I noticed theres really only sabertooth and Sent stuff online.

I wanna add more but Im at work so yeaaa



if you like saber/IM… with saber do… call IM, launch, pause, n.jump up + airthrow… you can pop them down into IM’s assist and combo them back into a new launch… millions setups and mixups with it… they can tech out tho…


anyone want some sabertooth teams matches online? I like to use sabertooth-projectile, cammy anti-air-, juggs-ground. Im self proclaimed best sabertooth on psn. so if you think your sabertooth can wup up on mine come get at me Tio_Cruzito is my handle on psn.


I’ve love to run some matches tonight if your up for it. Add me… can’t promise I’ll stick with saber for more than a handful of matches tho :slight_smile: I probably won’t be on til after midnight eastern time ish…


lol just remembered to check this tread for replies, ill add you later today im usually on from around 8-10 pacific time.