New samurai showdown + new battle coliseum loke tests

wow theyve really tested the shit out of battle coliseum (which doesnt really fill me with that much hope like it should seeing as i noticed little of what i considered positive development of the game system from the first to the 3rd loke test i attended…) and the final one is coming up this weekend in chiba and shijuku… seems to be an online system test.

also this weekend and also in shinjuku there is going to be a loke test of the new sam sho game. which will only be good considering its a neo wave style atomiswave half ass job if they basically transplant ss0special onto the atomiswave and add 5 or so new characters. the game is spot on and any system tweaks beyond fixes for balancing would ruin the good work that yuki put into ss0spc if you ask me.


samsho loke

nbc loke

Haha, NGBC is like the Daikatana of fighting games…it’s forever in testing limbo, never to be released (and yes, I know it does have an actual release date).

Is Yuki developing this Samsho or is it being outsourced like Neowave?

Sam Sho 5 Sp with 5 new characters sounds pretty good to me…

If it comes to home consoles it’ll make up for missing out on SS5Sp.

Any news on the 5 characters? I hope they bring back some of the SS2 cast (best ss cast ever!)

EDIT: Forgot to mention that they should get rid of all the fucking clones…Hanzo/Galford is ok, but the number of clones in the SS5 games is just ridiculous.

That’s a good point, im a little dissapointed that it’s a neo wave type rehash but if it makes to the console who cares

ugh, i thought that it was gonna be hi-res?

I hope that they forgo the story and make it a dream match with ALL the old Sam Sho characters and some new ones. They could add in the onmes they made for NGBC and make a few new ones.

Yep, one Sammy rep said so back at the SNK/Sammy/Capcom announcement. He even said it would be the chance to “re-design all the characters” and crap like that. :lame:


The funny part is that they also announced Sammy vs Capcom and KOF2004 in the same presentation, and said that Capcom would release new games to the Atomiswave.

None of those things became true.

The only thing left is the high-res Metal Slug 6. :confused:

I don’t know if the next SS will be high rez or not but I am laying money (a quarter) that at least one of the new characters will be Asura. No way they went through all the trouble of putting him in NGBC not to use him in the next SS game.

Shiki has a good chance as well since I remember hearing about her being the third favorite SS character behind Nak and Rimm. The fact that the next game is supposed to be a dream almost confirms those two inclusion.

MS6, but by that they dont mean that really shitty 3d Metal Slug, right? HOLY CRAP I hope that gets cancelled if it hasnt already.

Yes guys a DREAM MATCH SS SOUNDS REALLY GREAT! (sorry for the caps but this stuff excites me beyond all belief) Great stuff guys, can’t wait to see more info on it!

LOL you know i think about back then when they said all that now i can see it was utter bull.

I was lookin forward to a all new SS with high res but No we get another rehash.
I can let them off with neowave because that was basically kof 04.
But with SS we have had to rehashes in zero and special why another :confused:

what the hell is wrong with NGBC ive neva seen a game go through so much testing is it ever going to come out.

I would hate them 2 go through all this shit and the game ends up bombing out like SVC OR KOF03.

LOL my guess is MS6 will be a rehash also in some form another since everthing they said was a lie back then.

I mean im not sure but i dont think theirs even one capcom game on the AW and with alll the other crap they said i wouldnt hope for anything new.

NGBC is going through so many lokes because the engine is based on SVC, plus it has a buncha stuff weve never seen in a fighting game, like Hyper Charge, Double Assault taking recovery (red) life but almost no regular (yellow) life, making it so you cant spam GCFS into throws and so on… They also removed the BC version of GCFS and some other smaller crap like that…

MS3D is a PS2 (and later X-Box like KOF:MI, i assume) title. MS6 is an Atomiswave title, in 2D.

My hope is that the rumored new beat-em-up and new Ikari Warriors games are true. They cant rehash those, after all…

or can they…

Something to see:

Sorry, but that looks like crap. 94 Rebout looks better. In the end, only TRF actually looks good in high-res.

TRF? But isn’t that done with pre-rendered cel-shaded models?

Supporting pre-rendered is the first step to supporting 3D…ugh

^^But it doesn’t look like shit like all the stupidly rehashed sprites that every other 2D fighter uses

I don’t think that’s true, excuse me. Have you played Rage of the Dragons or PSX version of Marvel vs Capcom 1? The only thing “new” is backwards guardcancel, which was in SVC chaos anyway(I know, no one uses it).

was it announced during april fool’s or something? lol