New Sanwa Clear Balltop won't screw down all the way

Sanwa Balltop

I have just received my clear buttons clear balltop clear shaft and dustcover all sanwa ordered from arcadeshock to replace my solid colour sanwa parts I got with my madcatz te but the Balltop won’t screw down fully I retried the black Balltop and it goes all the way but the clear one goes down smoothly about 80% then gets a bit stiff to turn then just stops I don’t want to put more pressure because I know it can break i even used lube similar to wd40 incase there was something stuck in a groove that I couldn’t see with my flashlight I’m sad idk what to do except either use it as is(:frowning:) or try to force it more and break it… returning it would cost too much not worth it.

Did you return it? That balltop definitely defective

I had this issue once, I fixed it with a tap and die set.

I missed doing this simple test before making this whole post but I used a slim metal object and put it in my old balltop then hold where it stopped then put it in the new one and it clearly doesnt go all the way down so that Balltop must be for sticks that have a shorter rod to screw onto… returning it then having to pay to collect a new one would be too much just for the ball and it didn’t cost much so too much hassle to me

Maybe it’s on all the way but, the shaft sleeve you’re using is a bit short? Making it look like it’s not going down?

The shaft cover isn’t short if I use the old ball it touches it’s the clear ball that has less screwing distance I’ve tested n proven it