New sanwa custom

Hi guys this is my latest stick, a second attempt at stick building.

I was a bit dissapointed with my first sticks design and overall shape, the wood was too thick and the natural wood just didn’t go right.

So this is the new one

Click to enlarge:…/n_images/usr/gal4524/s_img/f0002.jpg…/n_images/usr/gal4525/s_img/f0002.jpg

All the wood was cut with a mitre handsaw where you can fix the angle which gave some really clean mitred edges.

The design was quite hard to choose, as I’ve been limited to those colour of sanwa parts as thats all that is available in the UK.

The stick is screwed into a 1mm metal top with roughly 1mm plastic on top. Took a lot of measurements to get the height of the wood and it cannot be ANY smaller :smile:

As is totally obvious the shapes based on a Darkside design, I think its the assasin stick, so full credit to him for making awesome inspiring sticks

Good second attempt. I would’ve filled in the miter joints with some bondo for a seamless look. Also, start and select is too close for my preference.
Looks really good overall.

Here’s a source for sanwa parts in the UK:

nice! how much is the stick tall? it seems very slim judging from the picture, I like it.

the start and select are way too close.
but the stick is pretty baddass.
keep up the good work!


as long as the start button is the leftmost, I don’t think you’re gonna hit it by mistake…

Yeah I got the parts from gremlin solutions, they were quite rapid. They only had green or yellow 24mm buttons on the site I saw.

Great stuff, thanks for the replies

I like it. I agree that you could have filed the mitres. But start and select are not too close. Bloody mashers wind me up.
Great job!

lol I’m not a masher, I just like to eliminate chances. I’m actually beginning to question the usability of the select button… I think all of my future personal customs won’t have a select button. Arcades don’t have a select button…

The only time I miss select is for taunting in some games. And its pretty important for xbox. Back is used quite a lot.

It’s nice to have the extra button as “insert coin” for MAME.

On console it’s pointless and a waste of space/money.

select. it’s used for some codes sometimes, and it’s often used for soft resetting fighting games.

turbo and select + guilty gear was a formula for disaster.

Had this stick made with all buttons but put on the side. it’s nice to be able to choose all colors in third, but mainly I got it for the training mode in guilty gear slash. reset, record,playback etc…

How did you mount the Sanwa to the metal control panel? I don’t see any screws coming through the plastic, looks nice.

I countersunk the screws into the metal, just using a normal drill bit and a larger one. I would have posted a picture of the inside the wiring isn’t exactly pretty… :smile: