New scams hitting the public? Tell what you know


Them phishing scams. Can’t live with them, still can’t beat the people who use them into tomato paste. This thread is the next best thing, you can list them and get the word out. observe the latest exhibts…

^one rather persistent little page that pops up when I’m trying to read manga. Usually see it and similar pages when I’m on mangapanda and mangareader’s websites.

I never saw that one since I rarely use Netflix, but you can guess what’s up.

There’s another one that tried to snag me with a phonecall from “smurf” in a local jailhouse. I would need to give them my credit card info so that they could establish a pay line for “smurf” to talk to me. After verifying that nobody I knew was in jail, I promptly gave them the digital finger and went back to playing video games. If any of you have been getting hit by any new scams, malware, or any other swindling attempts meant to take in the uninformed, drop the knowledge in here. “Beware of traps”.