New Sci Fi Novel by Kenneth Eng


If this counts as spam, feel free to delete it.

I’d like to tell people about my latest novel, the Aquarium. It’s about a group of CIA agents who investigate a haunted aquarium. This aquarium is loaded with paranormal phenomena, including horrific monsters that have been mutated by psychic powers. Here’s the link on

I’m always on the lookout for new fans. Here are my previous books:


SRK has a large black nerd population. too bad you alienated them.


Kenneth seems to hate all races equally. He also wrote, “why I hate white people” and “why I hate asians”.


yeah, i’ve never heard of damage control either.


nah, i couldnt care less if anyone buys his books.




but you blacks do hate the asians dont you


i’m just saying he got his shit wrecked when he published that rant. going back afterwards and posting stuff talking about his dislike of non-blacks and his own ethnicity reeks of damage control in general.

the “i hate everyone equally” phrase is what bitches say so they won’t get called out for shit-posing; especially if you write for pro-Asian media and talk shit about how great your ethnicity is before you shit on others’.


shaft when I publish my novel will you eviscerate me the same way. should I get you on my payroll now.


On blast like, “Oh, you saw that…heh…


i take paypal and bitcoins. also i reserve the right to take nude pictures of you for blackmail purposes.


I actually found an excerpt of the book :

"Oh man this aquarium is totally haunted " Said John Bigdick, the senior officer of the CIA assigned to Haunted Aquariums. “Oh man, this is giving me the creeps” replied Twinky LaMesserschmidt, the callow youth with smooth milky white skin that accentuated his flowing blonde bowlcut atop his head. “It’s ok Twinky” John whispered ever so closely into his ear, “No Aquarium ghosts will get you.” His reassurances were reassured as his hand slowly caressed his junior’s chest and slowly traced the outline of his rockhard abdominal muscles down towards his nervous, yet eager penis.


Are we sure this is the same Kenneth Eng? That names not uncommon, like a John Smith for asians


I almost made a joke excerpt like Boel, only mine was going to include negroid ape-men as the big villains.


did you not click on the last 2 links he posted? its definitely him (or someone promoting his work).


Where are you seeing the link? The Asian-supremacist wrote for the San Francisco weekly Asianweek, i’m assuming in SF. The author of those books resides in Bayside, NY.

Now there’s high possibility he’s moved from CA to NY but I’m not seeing that connection. There’s no doubt both of them are ass-clowns but I’m just saying…

edit: on further googling, looks like he did get his ass out of CA and moved to NY. LOL

This guy can’t be for real. And I’m definitely sure the OP is a troll account.


lololol. hence why we’re all up on srk.


i like this, but only because it’s something i would write about somebody in the lounge or in IRC.

SRK: we book ritin now.