New SE for $43.27 shipped (360 only)?

EDIT: sale ended quick this time. Sorry to those that missed out. Watch this space!.
EDIT: Since originally posting this thread, people have dealt with ANTOnline and no one has had an issue so I guess they’re trustworthy.

ANTOnline’s site is selling New SE’s for $39.28 (+$3.99 s/h).

I’ve yet to take a plunge on a retail stick but at this price this is extremely tempting but I’ve never dealt with’s/Amazon’s third party dealers and haven’t heard of ANTOnline before.

I also find it odd that they don’t have it listed at that price on their official site or Amazon (maybe they get reduced processing/listing costs with

Has anyone ever dealt with ANTOnline or knows if my transaction would be protected by (I haven’t had an issue with before)?

great deal, if its backed through i dont’ think it’ll be a problem

I ordered one just now. I hope they’re good. I really don’t need another stick but this was a good price.

I bought a laptop bag from ANTonline. Price seemed too good to be true, but it arrived at my office 3 days later in perfect shape.

Read everything on the page, could see no indication whether the stick is used or new. In the absence of such a statement, it must be considered a new product. Ordered one, hopefully its all legit. I can sell one of my three PS3 sticks and finally have a decent 360 stick without having to buy a converter.

That’s pretty sweet. I wonder why the PS3 one isn’t that cheap though.

I searched for “Fightstick” and clicked on the link which said “buy new” and it had that price so I assumed it was new :slight_smile:

I was thinking the same thing. I would’ve thought the PS3 one would be cheaper first since it costs them (madcatz) less. I guess ANTOnline had a large stock they need to move?

I think I’ll take the plunge when I get home.

What do you guys think is a better deal, this or frys having TE’s for $100 a couple of weeks ago. I went with the TE then, if I hadn’t I’d probably be getting this SE with this deal.

you still have to buy sanwa parts for the SE or it’s totally garbage. for 100 the TE is the way to go

woo just ordered one even though I dont really need it(fuck sf4). half off is a pretty good deal imo. I used this before. works fine as is but I will probably swap the parts anyway. this is a future investment. in case cvs2 ever hits xbla/psn :mad:

I went ahead and just ordered one too. Will update everyone on the process.

Personally, I’d want to add my own art/buttons to customize the stick so even if I went with a TE I’d be replacing parts so this SE + parts is a much better deal in my case.

Bing Cashback may also work since they are offering 4-7% off on right now, so that may sweeten the deal even more

Just bought one. Needed a Decent Stick for Battle Fantasia… Good find OP

Im still holding out on another TE deal. Hoping to get it right around $100.

Still works out for me, I replaced my TE sanwa buttons with Semeitsu clears, so I had 8 sanwas laying around collecting dust. Might need a sanwa stick, but the stock works so far.

i own both a TE and SE. dont get me wrong i love my SE i modded it with all semeitsu :slight_smile:

From all the parts you’ll be buying for the SE, it’ll still probably even out with a TE’s price. However, it isn’t necessarily even 'cause a lot of people will want to customize their TE’s as well.

That’s a really good deal.

thanks :tup:

ANTOnline. I believe they sold me an open packaged 360 Madcatz controller shrink wrapped and passed it off as new, meanwhile when I received it, it would not work at all. I was disappointed.