New Sean vids.

I just put up some new vids of me using sean, I got quite better from the last vids i put up here and listening to some advices you guys had on my sean. vs ryu/twelve/sean vs urien a heated sean vs sean

you can see me using some of the stuff i got from guys on this forum more in around the last vid such as rolling mixups and tackle faking, my trowing skills got much better. As you can see i still cant parry much while playing sean, i cant even think about it.

please give me some advice if you see some flaws or just tell me what you think, comments, thanks.

btw the last 2 vids are better…

I don’t know Sean a lot, but I have 2 advices for you:

1/ Stop using 41236+K it’s really easy to parry, the Urien player you were playing with is very kind.

2/ Switch to SAI, or II; but forget III. I’d recommend SAI because you can quickly charge it since you attack a lot, and learn to confirm SAI after 2+MP or 2+lk * 2.

On another aspect, may I kindly inform you that you take too many risks :looney:

PS: The matches with Urien were nice to watch, very high paced :rolleyes:

1:what do you mean by 41236+kick? you mean the bird kick?

2: yea i got alot of people telling me swich to sa1 or sa2, but i prefer sa3 because its long range, takes out the most damage,good wakeup super, i can connect it after a mp+mk at around medium range.

Your right maybe i do take alot of risk, its just how i play my sean.

i preferd the matchs vs sean:wgrin:

So it’s called “Bird Kick” ey? :rofl:
I’m talking about tha Capoeiara-ish move hcf+K

oh yea lol, i got that alot to, i usualy tone it down if i see that the oponent see’s it coming to much.

I’ll agree with previous statements that your throwing out QCF+K a bit to much. It’s good to throw out once in a blue moon, especially if you anticipate someone jumping away, but even then, don’t over do it.

First of all, use more far standing fierce. It’s a pretty good mid-range poke to throw out every once and awhile. After watching the last sean v sean vid I noticed that not once was cl.HK thrown out. Your missing out on sean’s best meaty as well as a move that makes hit-confirming easy… which leads to the next topic of hit-confirming. Wake-up supers are fine at lower level play, but the risk of wasting a super by just throwing it out and hoping your opponent sticks out a meaty is bad… especially when your using SA3. That’s alot of meter to blow if it whiffs, as well as a big punishment afterwards. Try to learn hit confirming.

~Use close standing roundhouse and input two QCFs. In the time frame of the move, you should be able to tell if it hit or got blocked. If it hits, hit any punch and out pops a super.

~ cr.LK x 2 is THE best combo to practice hit confirming off. It will help prepare you if you decide to broaden you horizons to other character as well. (cr.LK x 2 xx corkscrew blow OR shippu OR messatsu gouhadou, etc.)

As far as more sean specific… meh. I only mess around with him on occaision. I WILL say that I enjoy doing dash under --> strong xx roundhouse chain as an anti-air. Oh! and rely less on his headbutt. (fwd. fierce) I think it’s the slowest command overhead in the game and easy to block on reaction by a more seasoned player. The more experienced people you play, the more youll find that headbutt and his flip kick getting blocked, or in the case of the flip kick, more likely parried. Hope this helped.

shit yo!!! i dint even know that cl hk was a meaty!!! cl roundhouse and inputting 2qcfs and etc… i couldnt ever think about that!!!.

about that lk lk super yea i know about that, i do it alot in my older sean vids, honestly i got no idea why i didnt even do it once there.

strong xx roundhouse works as an anti air?

about using standing fierce as a mid range poke, that might be something i can try, its just this move just looks worthless to me, but it might be a good addition cos i dont have other pokes that currently use such as this to trow out now and then.

thats a whole bunch of good shit you gave me there thanks!

cl hk is one of Sean’s best pokes. I’d say its one of the best shoto pokes.

This is an anti parry AA. It has no forward or upward range because the chain starts with cl mp. Both hits in the chain will hit, but it doesn’t really have the priority of other good anti airs. Only use it if you think your opponent is trying to parry a standing hk or c.fp

never tought about using mp hk after a parry, i usually just trow or special.

That’s not what I meant.

mp > hk is an anti air used to beat people who would jump in and parry. It’s good because they usually won’t parry the second hit.

OOOh yea thats some clever stuff, i get it, thats some good shit man thanks…since i often crouch and hp to AA, il use that when the oponent is tryna get smart

Try canceling a fake out lp tackle after a cr. mk every now and then

yea i know about that one, i remember doing it once but a bird kick came out instead lol

Meh, posting this a little late in this threads life cycle, but I’m bored so… I guess the first word in the sentence “meh” stays true.

I used to think far standing fierce wasn’t that good either. It’s range is pretty cruddy, it can’t combo anything, and only really does semi-decent damage. So where’s the benefit? For one, it’s fast. I don’t have the frame data but I’m more than sure its significantly faster than the shoto Which is nice, since it usually ends up beating low forward more often than not. It’s also great for catching jumpers if the try to hippity hoppity away. Why you would jump away from sean is beyond me but… hey! Have fun with your infos bodler, good luck with your sean.

(Although I still would like to say for the record, sean is just a gimp shoto. I’d say if you want to excel with a low tier, play 12 or hugo. They’re at least fairly unique. But hey, it’s yo bo-day! Do wha j’all want!)

I get your point. I play 12 and hugo and honestly after learning i couldnt find no way to get any better, its like once u get there its over.

But with sean is like the more i play him the more i get better, its like there no limits, the mixups and possibilities are infinite, maybe the other shotos are better, i play ken and ryu and a lil akuma ( i have a vid of me using ryu ) and some might say why i just dont stick to ryu. but its just its so fun to do all those tricks with sean to mess people up, unlike the other shotos who are quite linear, playing againts a good sean, you dont know whats coming, again not saying hes better, but he has so many tricks.

and btw, i rather win with sean then with ryu or ken.

I agree with Bodler. I have people recommend to me on the kaillera server that I should stick with Ken at time, because I can play really good with him. But Sean is who I want to steadily improve on. I can win matches with him, and also with Sean, but with Sean it’s a slightly harder learning curve, but also has some things that the other shotos don’t offer. Sean is my favorite character and he is loads of fun to play with and most importantly, to WIN with. :wink:

I used to think the same way as you bodler.
Sean is unique and has different things that can mess the other guy up
and etc…

I must admit he is fun to use once in a while… but he will only get you so far.
its just that his tricks arent that reliable. AFter youve seen them once or twice thats too many times. Hes has to do alot of work because he has crappy damage and he has limited tools.

I always feel like Im chipping the opponent to death because he lacks knock down moves and is less scary then the other shotos. I only wish he had a better DP or even a decent projectile.

But if you truly want to stick with him by all means stick with him.

Good luck.

Like I’ve said before… It’s a cliff not a curve:wink:
But I do agree with what you said about winning with him. It’s like winning a monster truck rally with a geo. Very satisfying and worth smiling over.

I do think that his DP was dumbed down that his SF3 New Generation and 2nd Impact version, but other moves were improved. Still, he is a refreshing pace to the millions of shotokan characters who fight exactly the same as Ken and Ryu. He has the same type of gi as them that’s it. He don’t play like them at all, so he has different tactics. Yes, the tricks are difficult to use effectively to win matches, but they can get you as far as you can take it. He can beat anyone just like anyone else, and he is fun as hell to use

I just figured out a fucking awesome killer shit new combo… Well It’s not really a combo. It’s more of a suggestion. You should get high as hell and eat chicken pot pie and mac ‘n’ cheese. I just did it and it had win written all the fuck over it.