New Seattle Marvel mix vote-a-thon


Howdy. Obviously we need a new mix.

What follows is the list of stages and songs you can pick between. Ideally, JUST vote for 6 stage songs + the select screen song + training stage song. Suggesting new songs would be counterproductive at this point. Get on the next boat for that.

I’m planning on using Beat It and Bjork’s Untitled because I like those a lot. Six slots left. Untitled can be vetoed if you don’t like it, but I agree that Beat It is a key Seattle song.

Slots Available
Select Screen <-- important
8 Match Stages <-- important
3 Stages Abyss
Training Stage <-- less important
Game Over

Michael Jackson: Beat It

Candidates (Most votes wins, you get a maximum of six stage votes)
*** Akira: Exodus from the Underground Fortress
And One: Panzermensch (?)
Antiloop: Believe (Radio Mix) (don’t have/know it)
Art of Noise: Instruments of Darkness [Prodigy Mix]
The Avalanches: Rezonate the Afrikan Jungle
Bassbin Twins: Out of Hand
** Beastie Boys: Sabotage
** Chemical Brothers: Block Rockin Beats
Cosmic Gate: Exploration of Space (Club 10" Mix) – for Ice Stage?

  • Crystal Method: Name of the Game
    *** Daft Punk: Aerodynamic
  • DJ Shadow: Giving up the Ghost
    DJ Shadow: High Noon
  • Fatboy Slim: Next to Nothing
    Fischerspooner: Emerge
    Fusion Orchestra: Farfisa
    *** Girl Talk: Bounce That
  • Hollertronix: Here Miura vs Pull Up
  • The Immortals: Techno Syndrome (AKA Mortal Kombat theme)
    Juno Reactor: Giant
  • Juno Reactor/Traci Lords: Control [Juno Reactor Instrumental]
  • Kriss Kross - Jump Jump
  • Kurtis Blow: The Breaks
    Laava: Where You Are (don’t have/know it)
    Matrix Soundtrack: Burly Man Brawl
    M/A/R/R/S: Pump Up the Volume
    MC Sleazy: Hold Your Rendezvous (Basement Jaxx vs Beastie Boys)
    Mighty Dub Katz: Let the Drum Speak
    ** Moby: Go (the version on “Moby”, for the Intro)
    ** Moby: Barracuda
    Nine Inch Nails: Complication
    Raven Maize: Real Life [Radio Edit]
  • Rick Derringer - I Am a Real American
    Rick James: Fire It Up (DJ Eleven Remix)
    Rocky IV: Training Montage song (REALLY?)
    Run-DMC: U Be Illin
  • Paul Oakenfold: Ready Steady Go
    Queen: Another One Bites the Dust
    Queen: Under Pressure
    Safri Duo: Played-a-Live (The Bongo Song)
  • Sir Mix A Lot: My Posse’s On Broadway (edited so it starts at 0:22 on first verse)
    **** Stan Bush: The Touch
  • Stan Bush: Fight To Survive (AKA Bloodsport theme)
    UFC Intro theme (?!? I don’t know what song this is. Everything on the UFC soundtrack is terrible and banned.)
    Steps (Pop): 5,6,7,8 (dance country?)
  • Tag Team: Whoop There It Is
    X-OR theme: [media=youtube]joWeCt78kCQ[/media] (wth?)

Character Select Songs

  • Saved By The Bell
    Power Rangers theme

Votes Counted So Far: Me, N_Paul, Mandel, Frank, Jeff
Minuses are Votes Against, stars are Votes For.

I took out only a few songs that I really really hated. Others seems livable.

SAMPLE clips of my suggestions/songs here:

    These are NOT full songs. In every case I truncated to the first 40 seconds or so, which gives you a good enough test.

What To Bear In Mind

  • You’re going to be listening to those many times an hour. You better really like to listen to it.
  • 0:10-2:50 are the most important part of the song. Timeouts usually happen at around 3:20. I don’t care if you have Infinite time set, don’t talk to me, not helpful. We’ll loop them if need be.
  • This is a minor bitch to get everything normalized, so it may take a bit to get it all ready.


I haven’t heard of most of these.

I’ll definitely vote Daft Punk Aerodynamic; though I have a feeling it might err on the side of gimmicky after 5 roungds of it playing.

AKira soundrack sounds good.

I vote against putting any Queen in there, that would get hella annoying.

I"d like to vote for Chemical Bros, whatever Juno Reactor is, and The Fatboy Slim remix, but I have no idea what they sound like exactly.

BTW, I should be able to show up at the next friday night gathering if all my apartment stuff works out properly.


Okay with Beat It already being a stage, here’s my votes so far:

Stan Bush-The Touch (“search your feelings, you know it be true!”-Darth Vader)
Kriss Kross-Jump Jump
Tag Team-Whoop There It Is
Rick Derringer featuring Hulk Hogan-I Am a Real American

Training Room-Kurtis Blow-The Breaks (will add more later)

Character Select-Since I know you don’t want the Power Rangers theme song (I swear it’s the best character select screen song), I’ll vote for the Saved By The Bell theme song. After all, there should be some sort of homage to Zach in this mix.

I just hope the following isn’t on this mix:
Burly Brawl…actually anything from the Matrix
Actually I just hope anything that I’ve heard on a lot of past Marvel mixes isn’t on this one.

Will post with more votes later!


i don’t want butterfly on there, in any shape or form, i’m positive i’ll want to stab my ears after one tournament if this song is on there. - on anything matrix related. Just cause it’s been done before, and it’s time to try to get something new and fresh in there!

My votes:
Posse’s on Broadway (Not having that on there wouldn’t make it feel like it was a seattle mix ya know?)
Beastie Boys - Sabatoge
Paul Oakenfold - Ready Steady Go
tha’s about all i can think of for now. Get back to me!


Beastie Boys: Sabotage
Chemical Brothers: Block Rockin Beats
DJ Shadow: Giving up the Ghost
Daft Punk: Aerodynamic
Stan Bush: Fight To Survive (AKA Bloodsport theme)

and the Mandel write in Kriss Kross-Jump Jump for the horrible factor of it. (yes i know you said dont try to add new songs, but shit)

and god, please don’t use Sandstorm. So fucking old and cliche


Darude - Sandstorm

Fucking best song ever.


Votes added in. Voting for new songs is just likely to make this take longer, and I’d really like to get this going this weekend. Added though because Mandel owns me.

I’m letting Jeff’s extreme disdain and Pablo’s extreme passion cancel out and not counting either as a vote as re: Darude. Anything hated by two people gets pulled from the list.


I am all for marvel mixes with dope music, but I think it would actually be a really good idea for us to use a copy of Marvel with no music on it. That way we can have the volume on the TV turned up so you can hear hyper grab and whatnot without having marvel music competing with whatever other music is being played in the house.


Word on that, I know the only copy of Marvel I have is no music.


Yeah, it’s REALLY easy to make silent Marvel. That takes two minutes. It is a great selection for a party night. But that’s already covered by my secret 2nd plan anyways. Assume that’s taken care of and all we care about right now is a good Seattle mix. :smile:


I will swing my gavel as quick as possible and say NO! I hope to god there’s some sarcasticness going on with your post.

I would like to recomend Muse - New Born (Paul Oakenfold’s mix) From the Swordfish soundtrack…that was on my first marvel mix waaaaay back in 2k2. It holds a special place in my heart, and traces heart too, even mandel’s heart for that matter.


I don’t have that mix? The original is not working for me…

Most of Stan Bush’s other work (Stan Bush and Barrage?) seems pretty bad. I don’t have “Fight To Survive (The Kumite Song)”.

I got the Rocky IV Training Montage song. Track 10 on the disc, right? Because really, I dunno about you guys.

So I’m going to make this mix today:
The Touch
Beat It
Techno Syndrome (Mortal Kombat song)
Untitled Bjork
This is Sick
Bounce That
Training room: Rocky IV montage

I was interested in My Posse’s on Broadway, but I don’t want to a) make a bad edit of it, and b) it’s kind of “empty” musically for a Marvel song. Not that it’s not awesome. =)

I may swap Aerodyamic in or something else, but that’s my basic plan for V1.


This Is Sick sucks as a Marvel song, so I’m cutting that.

We could potentially use new songs for the post-loss screen, the scores post-win screen, and the game type select screen.


i noticed it wasn’t a selection, you all can boo me if you want but i suggest…


“clash on the big bridge”

for all the options =D, or any it would apply well to.

edit: also ^^


final fantasy 6 decisive battle theme


I’m not feeling those - anybody else?

Here’s my current beta version. I’ll be further tweaking it based upon feedback & playing it. I wanted to get Block Rocking Beats on there or whatever, but it’s not. Yet.

Most of the colors look really good. Rambo Cable is eye-popping.

ADX_SELC - Select screen --> Posse on Broadway*

ADX_S000 - The Pirate Ship Stage --> the touch*
ADX_S010 - Desert --> beat it*
ADX_S020 - Inside the factory --> sabotage*
ADX_S030 - Carnival Stage --> farfisa
ADX_S040 - Bridge stage --> techno syndrome [7’ mix]*
ADX_S050 - Blue Underground Cave --> Untitled Bjork
ADX_S060 - Clock Tower --> Aerodynamic*
ADX_S070 - Ice Boat Stage --> Exodus from the Underground
ADX_S080 - Abyss 1 --> Bounce That

ADX_S090 - Abyss 2 --> rezonate the afrikan jungle
ADX_S0A0 - Abyss 3 --> Matrix theme

ADX_S0B0 - Training --> Rocky IV Montage*

ADX_HERE - Here Comes a New Challenger -->
ADX_OPEN - Intro music to the Characters --> Go, Moby
ADX_OVER - Game Over -->
ADX_STAF - Credits Screen
ADX_CONT - Continue
ADX_WINS - Music After you beat a stage --> fire it up
ADX_MENU - Menu screen --> exploration of space*
ADX_RANK - Rank screen
ADX_CAPL - Capcom Logo

*: Suggestions from other people. It’d be nice to get group consensus on tracks, but a) I don’t know who cares and b) it looks like people have pretty disparate tastes anyways. Oh well. :smile:


That looks good to me! =]


That FF6 song was badass. Thanks for the link


My mistake it wasn’t Muse - New World (Paul Oakenfold mix)

The name of the song was Paul Oakenfold - Dark Machine (off of the swordfish soundtrack)

I was pretty tired when i posted that first post =[


OK, I’m signing off on this + the color edits for now. CDs available for those that want them. I’ll make a musicless version too.

ADX_SELC - Select screen --> Posse on Broadway
ADX_S000 - The Pirate Ship Stage --> the Touch
ADX_S010 - Desert --> Beat It
ADX_S020 - Inside the factory --> Sabotage
ADX_S030 - Carnival Stage --> Farfisa
ADX_S040 - Bridge stage --> Techno Syndrome [7’ mix]
ADX_S050 - Blue Underground Cave --> Smack My Bitch Up
ADX_S060 - Clock Tower --> Aerodynamic
ADX_S070 - Ice Boat Stage --> Exodus from the Underground
ADX_S080 - Abyss 1 --> Untitled Bjork
ADX_S090 - Abyss 2 --> Matrix theme
ADX_S0A0 - Abyss 3 --> rezonate the afrikan jungle
ADX_S0B0 - Training --> Rocky IV Montage
ADX_OPEN - Intro music to the Characters --> Go, Moby
ADX_OVER - Game Over --> Bounce That
ADX_WINS - Music After you beat a stage --> fire it up
ADX_MENU - Menu screen --> exploration of space

Amingo: HP is white tan
Ryu: LK is Red, HP is blue, A2 is blacker
Guile: HP is red
Morrigan: HP is red
Anakaris: HP is bumblebee, HK is blue, A2 is black gold
Strider: LK is white, HP is green, HK is purple, A1 is black, A2 is red
Cyclops: HP is red
Psylocke: LP is green, LK is black, HP is purple, HK is red, A1 is white
Captain America : LK is US Agent
Spider-man: A1 is Iron Spiderman (B/W)
Hulk: HK is Bubblegum pink, A1 is Hyper Orange, A2 is Hyper Blue
Venom: HP is Black, A1 is Hyper Red, A2 is Hyper White
Doom: LK is red, HP is purple, A1 is white
Tron: LK is red, HP is white, HK is gold, A2 is pink
Ruby Heart: LK is purple, HP is black, HK is red, A2 is blue
Cable: LP is Rambo, LK is purple, HP is red, HK is green, A1 is black, A2 is white
Chun-Li: HP is white, HK is red, A1 is Shadow Blue, A2 is Shadow Pink
Megaman: LK is Magneto Megaman, HP is white, HK is yellow, A1 is black
M Bison: LK is Gold
Akuma: HP is whiter, A1 is purpler, A2 is blue
Charlie: LK is black/red, HP is pink/blue, A1 is Shadow Green, A2 is Shadow Red
Cammy: LP is black, A1 is red, A2 is white
Dhalsim: HP is green, HK is purple, A1 is white, A2 is brown
Ken: LK is blue, HK is black, A1 is pale purple
Juggy: LP is green, LK is black HP is purple, HK is crazy blue, A1 is white, A2 is Shadow Lady negro pink
Storm: LP is dusty gold, LK is orange, HP is red, HK is better black, A1 is white black
Sabretooth: A1 is white/black
Magnus: LP is white, HP is gold, HK is pink, A1 is black
Omega Red: A1 is Thunderbird, A2 is black
Spiral: LK is white, A1 is black
Iron Man: HP is Black/gold, HK is old A1, A1 is Hyper Gold, A2 is Hyper Blue
Jin: A1 is Shadow Jin
Colossus: LP is black
Sentinel: LP is lavender, LK is red/black, HP is red/white, A1 is grey, A2 is aqua/black
Blackheart: LK is yellow, HP is pink, HK is white, A1 is Mephisto red, A2 is Mephisto orange
Silver Samurai: LP is red, LK is pink
Thanos: LP is red, HP is velvet, A1 is black/white
Capcom: LK is gold, HP is white, HK is purple, A2 is black
Servbot: A1 is Shadow Lady Blue, A2 is Shadow Lady Pink

Feedback welcome. Figuring out some of this gets headache-y real quick. =P

Note that this was a very collaborative effort thanks to lots of people. I did probably only 1/4 of this.


If I show up on Friday, could I please reserve a music-less version? I see you haven’t altered Roll at all. I’m still tinkering around with her bin file. I’ve got Afro-Roll, Orochi-Roll, and Albino-Roll (looks like a vampiric Roll) so far.

Edit: Any guidelines on what to do for the “Extra” color schemes? Are those the palettes used when a character gets shocked or catches on fire?