New Sega console?

Maybe Sega wants to get a head start on the next generation of consoles.

If this is what I think it is, this is old news…

“sega 3d” is a terrible name. = /

If it’s a new Sega Console, bleep all the other consoles i’m getting Sega next gen.

dreamcast had a lot of great games, but was the biggest pos ever. i think everyone had at least 3-4 dreamcasts while they were hot. emphasis on hot

Eh i hope sega stays out of the console wars. Would hate to see it destroyed again.

Its a very different gaming world from what it used to be also. The TAME old days when Sega’s only rival was from other GAMING companies like Nintendo is over. Now we have the mega-corps jumping into it with Microsoft & Sony, and they don’t mess around.

Nintendo has only stayed alive because it didn’t even bother to compete with the likes of them on their level, 'lest it be smashed also. Instead focusing on entirely other routes like sheer gimmicks and great marketing to somehow do well.

Last i checked Sega didn’t have those kinda masterminds behind it to also pull off the same in light of such competition.

Edit: To use a geeky anime analogy, Sega at its all-time BEST is like Super sayian level 1. Sure it was once great, however the times have changed. The villains are way stronger, and now SSJ1 alone isn’t good for shit.

Sega attempting a comeback against Microsoft & Sony, would be like teen Gohan going up against the androids in that alt future. Sure we’d like to see him do well but he is just going to get obliterated, and we’d rather not see that again tear.

~RIP Sega

if all the other hardware manufacturers are really serious about pushing this motion capture BS (natal, wii, etc) and sega will keep it strictly buttons, you fuckin bet i’ll scoop their new console. but sega 3D is a shitty name, they need to call it the sega OG, with direct reference to the crowd they’d be targeting (hire me sega!)

lol i think it would be funny to see sega try to get the jump on next gen YET AGAIN because it always turns out so bad for them. They should just stick to making games and FUCKING FIX THE PHANTASY STAR SERIES YOU FUCKERS. NONE OF THIS MMO AND FAKE MMO BULLSHIT.

This, 200%.

But I think the PS series has always been enjoyable, I played Universe for nearly 3 years and will always be one of my personal favorite games. However, Sega management is pure shit, and IMO, has ruined every PS online attempt in the history of the franchise.

Sega is a shit company now that will only cater to the JP market. Buying anything from them at this point is like paying $300 dollars to get kicked in the nuts every month. If you like the sounds of that, this quite possibly could be the gaming console you’ve been looking for. I’m not biting on their bs ever again.

iare we talking about the bs that is the retro console thing coming out this summer that ain’t really a console?

If you fuckers stopped giving Sega money every time they or one of their shitty subsidiaries (cough Sonic Team cough) took a shit and called it a game, this might not be happening.

Fuck Sega.

Dr. B can beat Emerald Hill Act 1 in 3 seconds.

Brb gonna buy some more Sega games.

heh, when my drive motor or laser or whatever broke on my 360, and i was waiting for them to send me the box to mail it to them in, I was playing the Phantasy Star Universe demo. It was completely free, barebones, and every month everything got reset, and STILL people where playing the fuck out of it, and loving it. Why not put a price tag on that? FUCK monthly fees (I am sorry, but if u want monthly fees, you GOTTA beat the competition or at least make it worthwhile). And personally, I don’t pay no monthly fees.

Universe was a genuinely enjoyable game. As much as I grew to despise the “modern” sega while playing it, even after spending probably around $250 in monthly fees to be treated like a pile of steaming shit, I still will tell anyone that’s its a great game. Sega’s maintenance of the live servers however, was a complete disaster, their in-game GM’s a joke, and the overall community was laughable. (seriously…some of them spent $10 a month to participate in fashion shows when there was no updates…)

But it was a fun game that was very underrated, and I had many good hours playing it. I still will play it if they ever get the private server up :slight_smile:

You don’t know how disappointed when they never released a Sega Ages version of Phantasy Star 4. They even had screens of the upcoming game. I played through the remakes of 1 and 2 on PS2, and I gotta say the remake of 2 really had me looking forward to seeing what they would do with 4, the best of the series. Giving up on the remake after putting out half assed Ages games on top of the US collection that eventually came out and was missing the redone version of 1 and 2 just pissed me off to no end.

On top of that, where is the next Streets of Rage game. People still love the retro style 2d gaming, as seen with Mega Man, Final Fight, and Sonic 4, on top of that beat em ups while they seem dated people will still shell out money for them in the current generation so where’s Streets of Rage 4? I just don’t understand Sega’s thinking when it comes to things. I know they were going through a lot of shit after the Dreamcast era but come on, it’s time to get back on the boat and do what they did best.

Man with the way Sega is these days this console would blow. It would not be anywhere close to the second coming of the DC or Saturn or anything.

What I don’t understand is how people equate “Sega console = best thing evar” based purely on the fact that Sega is making it. A console’s awesome factor is determined by only two things: it has good games, and it doesn’t melt down if you play it for more than an hour. Dreamcast was a good console because it had a solid selection of titles and decent online, not because it was made by a Sega. The fact that people think that a Dreamcast 2 would dominate everything else on the market without knowing anything about what games would be on it just baffles me beyond belief.

If the rumor is true though, I wish Sega luck either way. The console market is already saturated as it is, I can’t imagine what will happen if they throw their hat into it.

this one million times

Well it has to do with segas consols tending to have a lot of great, hard core games on them because the hardware was really arcade oriented and strong in those kinds of departments (What with DSega being an Arcade company) They where the system hardcore games tended to flock to so it kind of gets you excited. The problem is Segas not like that at all anymore so its highly doubtful a new system of theirs would be like that.

thats how the world works. people look at past experience to help them decide if what they will produce in the future will be any good. its normal for a people to get excited by a console made by sega; on the otherhand, if a new console was announced being made by some noname company with no experience, then people will likely shrug their shoulders and move along. you say a console is good based on if it has good games and if its reliable; i’ll say that sega has a better chance of making these factors a reality than some nonamer.