New sega (hot-2005) panel enclosure coming to market


Hi all,

I’ve been working on this project for some time and would really value some feedback before bringing it to market via KickStarter.

We’ve developed a laser-cut aluminium enclosure that perfectly fits any HOT-2005 arcade panel.
The box comes with 2 micro-controlers that allow for easy config to play on PS3, XBOX etc. Just trim the wires from the panel, stick them into the screw terminals, and match them up via the software provided. Our device is hinged like the Hori VLX, so allows for easy modding. It’s nice and sturdy, can take a beating, and has a non-slip pad on the bottom.

Over the years, I’ve seen so many people use all kinds of items for enclosures for these awesome panels, from floating shelves to modded genuine SEGA Naomi parts (like NOA-1402), but none really offer the solution that many are after - A slick professional looking arcade stick enclosure with a few extra buttons to allow for use on todays modern consoles.

So, a few questions if I may;

1 - What colour should this device ship in?
Right now we’re stuck between Black or White - We think the board needs to be a basic colour to make the panel itself pop!
We will be offering another KickStarter Limited Edition colour as part of the campaign, which is also engraved with your name/PSN/whatever.

2 - What additional buttons are needed?
The current design has a SHIFT button for each player, allowing each other button to be assigned two functions (START can become PS3’s SELECT for example), plus an illuminated HOME button for each player, which could be assigned to the PS BUTTON or XBOX GUIDE button.

3 - How much would you expect this device to cost?
You might already have the perfect arcade setup yourself, but what do you think is a reasonable price for such a device?

Additionally, the device also optionally supports and has internal space for** Raspberry Pi**, so the back of the device has the following:

  • Two female USB Ports, one for each player (The device is planned to ship with two cool flat USB extensions)
  • HDMI female (RaspberryPi)
  • Mini USB female (to power RaspberryPi)

Many thanks for your time, I look forward to hearing your feedback.


got any concept art or photos of this case?
I am assuming you have a prototype, even if the design is not final or made out the right materials a good picture worth a thousand words.

Black or white is fine

On the case it self and not the panel? Assuming most panels already have a start button, a select/back button, a home/guide button and maybe one more for stick operation or menu navigation. Some PCBs use the turbo button to switch to different modes.
Assume that your backers/customers might want to install their own PCBs. WhatPCBs are you planing to put in your enclosure?

No clue.

Make the rear of the case support a Switchcraft RJ45 passthough and a Neutrik USB or RJ45 passthough device.


First of all, this is a really good idea in my opinion. I will gladly support this.

It might be just my bias, but I’d prefer White because sega cabinets are white, just to match the whole theme. But most people prefer black too these days, but to be honest all of the ‘home market’ arcade sticks are black already.

Sega panels only have start for function buttons, River Service panels have an odd number of three function buttons on their 1 Player panels, for some reason it has 1P and 2P start marked, plus an extra one.

That said, most people will probably have access to Sega 1L6B / 2L12B 's which only have start. a Good number would be 4 extra buttons in my opinon. The panels are usually 6 action buttons, so you need two extra buttons to accommodate that, plus select/back, and guide/ps button. If one should put a two player panel, it’s gonna need eight extra buttons to have all buttons. Nobody seems to use turbo.

I’m gonna assume you’re not gonna provide the panels too, so that should cut out roughly $100 just to acquire a populated sega panel. And people usually use their own PCB choices too. I really don’t know.

Another thing, you mentioned is the wiring. Why not just make connectors for existing jamma / molex type looms that usually come with a populated panel?


White for sure. For the exclusive color a simple brushed metal or blue that matches Sanwa buttons would be nice. Whatever color you choose I think making sure that the paint/finish will not rub off with extended use should be a priority. This is an area where you could beat the VLX if you pay special attention.

Two small buttons that players using six button panels could use as the 7th and 8th buttons would be nice (although your shift function could cover that as well).

Is your microcontroller all that is needed, or will this require a PS360+/other pcb as well? Personally I think you should try to keep it around $200. Consider that we will have to buy panels, sticks and buttons just to get it up and running. Although I realize that you are not a large company like Hori, the VLX was ready to go for $300 out of the box.


Add slots for an MC Cthulhu and/or PS360 board.


This sounds great we just need pics so we can provide some feedback.


rcaido hit it on the head, pics get people hype, and draw attention to your project.

As for color - white, simple, clean.
extra buttons ? - maybe spots on the side like an option to add pinball style side buttons that people could wire up them selves or throw button plugs into ?
cost ? - i’m guessing the materials and stuff… minimum of 90, closer to 150 assuming the metal isnt too thick and no extra affects (brushed/finished) are in the mix.


Thanks All,

A teaser site is coming soon with a pic of our latest prototype, which we’re working on right now.

We want to keep this thing as open as possible, so will not be locking it down to any one board. It’s going to be a modders dream come true!


Honeycomb screw board similar to that in the Razer stick?


This needs more pictures. Definitely interested though I have an HSS and a Sega cab already.


We like the Honeycomb pad - but something like that could really push the price up more than we’d like.

Still looking into it :smiley:

Keep the suggestions coming!


If you’re not with honeycomb, you can easily put in something like built in ziptie loops at the bottom of the board for board mounting.
I do want to see what this product looks like. Sounds pretty hype


Just post a picture of what you have. People will actually pay attention then.


How about just taking the measurements of the most common PCBs being used and creating mounting points for those?


We looked at this before, but want the product to be completely future proof and whatever amazing PCSs come out in the future.

We’re really looking forward to sharing the next prototype with everyone. We’ll have a 360 image up on our site when we announce the Kickstarter campaign.


Does this mean that I finally will be putting my 2player Astro City panel to a good use??.. build my own Vega/Kick/Sigma Supergun :slight_smile:

White, or grey, or any other color but no black please, black is boring.

Turbo autofire switches for each button (with an Autofire circuit), and aditional switches or holes to place aditional buttons for service, test, coin, reset, etc. and aditional holes to place neutriks RJ-45 to USB passthrough since a lot of custom Pcbs use RJ-45…Cthulhu, PS360+

edited:…ugh… $200 for just an enclosure??i hope that’s not the final price, 100$ is ok I believe, provided it doesn’t include the actual panel+sticks and buttons.


You gotta remember the materials are not cheap, and the fact unless they’re doing the manufacturing themselves they’ll have to be making orders in bulk and up front. (maybe)

A TE case goes for 80, and some of the HORI VX ones go for around 100. (thats with no insides/buttons)


But Madcatz sticks and those Hori “whatever” sticks are crap, and a total ripoff for just a pìece of plastic, prices for all retail arcade sticks are an armed hand robbery, plain and simple, the only valuable component from those sticks are the joystick and buttons (provided that the brand of these is Sanwa or Seimitsu and not in-house made parts like the buttons on the MC SE sticks) , the rest is just crap, including the PCBs, I’ll take any custom pcb like toodles Cthulhu or Ps360 over the retail crap that comes installed on those Madcatz and Hori’s.

So, if these metal enclosures can’t stay under the $100, forget it, I preffer to wait for a cheaper alternative, in the meantime I’ll leave my Sega panels to rot somewhere in the basement .


as a panel-n-shelf builder very interested, waiting for pics!


Thanks again all for the comments. We think the latest prototype should delight almost everyone.

We’re thinking of offering a few pre-made (our device+an awesome PCB+legit new sega panel) for a few KickStarter’s that want to just plug and play right out of the box.

It seems that keeping this simple is the way forward, allowing for maximum customisation.

That way whatever boards / consoles / setups come around in the future, this device will be good to go!