New Sega Saturn USB controller


From Retro-Bit and officially licensed by Sega. Retro-Bit made some really bad knock-offs in the past, but the quality of their products has improved a lot recently, I bought the Street Fighter Dual Link controller and the d-pad was great.

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Their SNES pad got a good review here:


If they make a dongle for the Sega Genesis with this pad, wow oh man would I snatch this up with a quickness
Maybe I should wait till the end of the video. :lol:

Sad thing is, for Retrobit’s Brawler’s Pac SNES cart, I already own 3 out of the 4 games on that cart.


You have my interest, but did I miss it? Wheres the price? When does it come out? I checked the site and im getting nothing. Thanks


They just show cased this at CES, so it can be weeks to months down the line.


Yeah, I was disappointed to hear Sega signed a deal with this particular company, but good to hear they may have already been improving their stuff. I was hopeful that the rise of 8bitdo would push these other guys to step up. When it comes to the first official Saturn pads in a long time, getting it right is important.

BTW, fitting if this is one of the last pieces of news that should get posted to Tech Talk. I was here for the 2008 frenzy when the warehouse batch of SLS pads went up on eBay for under $20 each. Fond memories and thankfulness… I’ve still got my four.


I scoped that mist gray Japanese Saturn pad box, but saw only one with a cable at the top. If Retro-bit is only making black pads with Bluetooth, I’m going to be sad.


These are going to be nice, I want a pair yesterday, it will feel so boss like back in the day those Disney shows hosted by “Skippy” from family ties, he would show the prizes, them AKKLAIM wireless pads for NES and Genesis, always wanted a pair of those. Big Blue monster pads, they were also giving away X-Men for NES…lol what a horrible game!

Years later ebay had one guy selling infra red ones 1st party for obscene prices, I never bothered. I did ended up with a couple Saturn USB white pads, they work real well, pretty much on par with a model2 pad. Someone told me Sega licensed this? That they are made with Sega parts and just a way of liquidating inventory at the time? THe box looks so bootleg that I doubt it, but hey, you never know.

8Bitdo does a good job on the Bluetooth SNES pads, they feel pretty much up to par with the standard pads. They also work on the switch and the mini SNES, I was tempted to hack one for a stick but I got enough projects on the back burner as it is.


I’ve tried the IR pads. Unless you’re at-or-close-to line of sight, they suck BIG TIME. I’d take Bluetooth over that any day for sure—even if they’re black.


Problem with 8bitdo is they make unlicensed products, Retro-Bit used to do the same, but they seem to be willing spend money to get licenses now.


I would love to see this for a PS4.


What’s to license? The hardware patents to the NES and SNES expired many, many years ago and at this point the SNES pad shape is considered generic in shape for 2018.
As long as 8Bitdo isn’t infringing on trademark, there nothing Nintendo can do ether way.


I wasn’t really talking about the patents for the controller designs, but the fact that they make their controllers compatible with the Switch without a license


So? Its the same with Brook.
And the community is in love with brook.


I wonder if these controllers will connect with the Switch.


I’d guess they have every reason to follow 8bitdo’s example on that.


Closer look


The finish looks kind of melty/rubbery…


As long as it also comes in white it could literally be melting.


They are most likely cheap, quick one-time made mock-ups made just for display at the trade show.
Making a quick model or mock up just for display is really common for tradeshows.

If they had a working model, it probability have kynar wire and hotglue everywhere as its a quick and dirty mod rather than a final manufactured product.

By the time of their Tradeshow tour they probability be beat up to hell and