New Sega Saturn USB controller


I’ve tried the IR pads. Unless you’re at-or-close-to line of sight, they suck BIG TIME. I’d take Bluetooth over that any day for sure—even if they’re black.


Problem with 8bitdo is they make unlicensed products, Retro-Bit used to do the same, but they seem to be willing spend money to get licenses now.


I would love to see this for a PS4.


What’s to license? The hardware patents to the NES and SNES expired many, many years ago and at this point the SNES pad shape is considered generic in shape for 2018.
As long as 8Bitdo isn’t infringing on trademark, there nothing Nintendo can do ether way.


I wasn’t really talking about the patents for the controller designs, but the fact that they make their controllers compatible with the Switch without a license


So? Its the same with Brook.
And the community is in love with brook.


I wonder if these controllers will connect with the Switch.


I’d guess they have every reason to follow 8bitdo’s example on that.


Closer look


The finish looks kind of melty/rubbery…


As long as it also comes in white it could literally be melting.


They are most likely cheap, quick one-time made mock-ups made just for display at the trade show.
Making a quick model or mock up just for display is really common for tradeshows.

If they had a working model, it probability have kynar wire and hotglue everywhere as its a quick and dirty mod rather than a final manufactured product.

By the time of their Tradeshow tour they probability be beat up to hell and


Yup, that’s just a molded chunk of plastic. If it was anything more, press would have buzzed more about it. The media coverage on this whole line of products has been kinda lackluster TBH.


CES is a pretty big trade show, with all the Lobby spaces, meeting rooms and even a huge number of regular hotel rooms all used up for Show Floor.
Some of the CES PC parts coverage you see are all held in Hotel suites

At this point Retrobit is swallowed up by everything else, from Concept cars to a metric fuck ton of RGB Lights Everything


It’s been gigantic for a long time now. Aside from this year, I was there for Logitech the last 5. Humorously it has been presenting in smaller and more remote spaces each successive year LOL.


Probability because the hotels all charge ridiculous extortionary prices to trade shows and conventions.
Especially in Vegas.

Logitech probability haven’t upped it’s budget, hence why they are getting smaller and smaller spaces.


I think the wired one will look closer to the original, the original shell wasn’t that great though, especially the black one, we could see all the fingerprints and scratches.

If only they could make a blue one…


Take note that this is only for the wireless version. There’s also a wired version coming out.

The dongle is there so that you can plug it to your original Saturn.

They haven’t announced these yet.


Hey C-Sword, have you seen the AU pads? They look weird and awesome all at once.


I remember those, but somehow have never read any opinions on them despite all the talk of various versions. How are they?