New Seimitsu Smoke, Maroon, Neon Pink,Orange dustcover Onyx/Black Opinions Request


2.2mm Smoke,maroon/dark red, Neon Pink & Orange Plexi

Some new stuff I’ve been working on. Onyx,Blue camo and cookie’n’creme The rest are some new solid colors and full translucent green

2.2mm Clear Plexi dustcover

If you are interested in prices or other services I offer such as powder coating here is a link to my thread in the trader

Where to buy clear washer for Australia?

Pretty Cool.
Are these for sale or what?


Holy crap on a cracker! I neeeeed some of these <3


I’ll buy a yellow one. How much you selling for?


cool I’m glad you guys like them I will put a link of them with price info on my current trader listing once I get it set up


I’m down for yellow & possibly clear & blue. How about a matching shaft cover? PM me when you’re ready for info & payment.


Dope! just might pick 1 up from ya! will keep an eye out for the price! =)


Those are niiiice! I’d pick up a few!


Forget the dust washers, look at 'dem shaft covers!


Thanks guys for the input heres a link to my post in the trader


If your screen name didn’t end in Rooster I’d suggest using a Hypno-Toad icon.

People are going to be mesmerized by those pictures and want to buy those shaft and dust cover kits!

Question — The shaft covers are only for JLF? My big disappointment is that nobody makes shaft covers for the LS-32 series at all, and transparent shaft covers don’t exist for the LS-40 series, too.

I’m really surprised about the LS-32. It’s the next most popular joystick after the JLF.


I do make shaft covers for LS-32 in Aluminum Georgy just not anodized I powder coat them I also have zebra woodys too you must not have noticed my sig


Hey guys just throwing these new pics out there to get some feedback. Make sure to check out the Onyx they are a real beaut and I’m not just saying that cause I developed them :razzy: the pictures really do not do them justice. I will post some better pictures/description tomorrow afternoon and update my thread on the trader as well there all going to be the same price though


Is it possible to make a covers in hot pink?


yeah sure hot pink would not be a problem


Love the new camo one <3 Seriously, you’re feeding my addiction to collecting dustcovers here :rofl:


lol…I also can do red and green camo too


my buddy has been bugging me to ask, can you by anychance make one to look like captain americas shield, I realize the star wouldnt work but any input on this would be awesome, would be a def. purchase, with the addition of some others if possible


A red-white-red concentric ring dustcover would look nice. (Don’t know if it’s practical, honestly… I’d get a red beveled dustcover since I think the effect is nice and red’s my favorite color anyway…)

If the edge on the outer red ring is beveled, it would look even more like Cap’s shield!

It would be appropriate given the fact that the Cap film is being released this year… For that matter, another dustcover mimicking or hinting at Green Lantern might not be a bad idea, either… At least limited runs for both unless that’s too expensive to do.

All the shafthole dustcovers are nice… The beveled edges are nice touch that sets those dustcovers apart!

(Yes, if I had the cash I probably would be in for at least 3-4 of them…)


If I were doing Captain America’s shield as a dust washer, I’d do a dust washer that’s red-white-red with a blue shaft cover and blue balltop that has the white star on it. That way the whole joystick becomes the shield.