New Series on Seattle Versus: Behind the Bracket

Yes, the name’s kinda corny, but it sums up exactly what this series is about: running tournaments.

Expect Part 1 to be posted some time this weekend.

I’m with that, my dude. I mean, as long as there’s some comedy in there (you know, shit players say while watching/waiting for their pool matches), I’d love to see this blossom.

*Edit: I’d love to see this blossom, even without humor. I just like seeing humor incorporated into shit.

Trust Supe Joe with all your bracket needs.

Part 1 is now up!

Cool read, but I don’t really understand what crowd you’re going for here. I found the “* Planning Phase: The part where something MIGHT go wrong. * Execution Phase: The part where something WILL go wrong.” really valuable, but the rest of the article is just satire and humorously clever sentences.

I personally would like to see more valuable tips and real-life stories that you had from your history of organizing tourneys that I can put to good use. Just my 2 cents.

Don’t worry, Part 1 was just an intro/icebreaker. Expect more substantial content beginning in part 2.

Sorry for the inactivity these past few weeks. Part 2 is technically done, but I’m holding off on posting it while Mickey does some site maintenance. Also, I’ve been considerably busier than expected, but in a good way. This might go on the back-burner for a while.

I really like your writing, Rob. It’s always very entertaining. You should write a book man!

This is awesome, I was just talking about how people need to know how to work a bracket. It sucks when people pass the bracket around and people screw up on placement and position of people after first round.