New seth player here please help

Hey I’m new to this whole fighting gaming era and I need help understanding super street fighter 4 how to do certains combos need to know the match up. I wanna mainly learn how to use seth I would appriciate if any 1 can like post up videos of good seth players tell me about how to link things up. My gt: is cocobuttermango I live in new york so if any 1 wanna do some matches just request me and we can do some matches and ya can teach me some advance technique.

Assuming you know his health & stun are low, damage output is relatively low, and his inputs are extremely touchy (due to his abundance of moves). The two best Seths I’ve seen are; lorellai (poongko) and hiropon. Lorellai has a god like offense… Just scary!
If you’re on psn, hit me up, I’ll play you. My Seth isn’t amazing, I’m alright though.

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