New SF2HF Auto Update Fixes Dropping problem

I had stopped playing due to all the bs dropping crap but I’m happy to say that if you drop now you will get a loss. Is this the first time Capcom has fixed this problem for any of their fighters? :rofl: All reports from the forums also confirm the problem has been fixed. If you drop you will get a loss.

I know this was posted in the HF thread, but I thought it needed its own thread so people that stopped playing might want to give the game another chance.

I wondered what the update was for but didn’t want to risk running into another dropper to find out… if this does punish droppers then AWESOME, I’m definitely back in! GJ Capcom, I wonder if Microsoft kicked their ass to get this fixed or if they acted on their on accord.

I think there’s a flaw to the system. When one of the people gets disconnected out of their own control (through bad internet connection or whatever), both players might end up getting losses. :confused: It happened to me earlier when I got connected to a really laggy player. Oh well, it’s better than nothing.

Too damn sweet to rape jakob and jorge avila and they can’t do anything about it, lmao.

Actually the new thing for lossers without skill is to just sit at the character select screen and do nothing, waiting for the other player to give up and drop out so they can get the win. I’ve heard that Jakob002 is already doing this. Some punk did this to me because he didn’t want to play against the character I selected. He refused to pick someone until I picked a character that he deemed “fair.” I, of course, called him a pussy, picked Chun-Li (who I guess was “fair” enough) and preceded to mop the floor with him, all the time saying that it was a good thing he made me pick Chun-Li. The losers always find a way to screw things up. Now we need a countdown timer at the character select screen (why was this not there from beginning?).

i just got an xbox 360…lookin on BC games and there were no games like KOF or street fighter…so im thinkin of pickin up HF…but i wanna know is it laggy as shit or can i actually have a good time online playin people

Depressingly enough, Jakob002 is ranked first for Vega.

And, to my great surprise, I am now ranked 2nd. My ryu and guile are ranked 1st. My chunli is ranked 2nd (hopefully, not for long :p)

the real update was to stop me from doing millions of Shoryukens.

Wait, how do you see top players per character? I’d like to see how my Balrog is doing. though I haven’t played since the update.

In the main menu, go to leaderboards. Just look at the options and you’ll see it.

awesome. thanks!

Dropping should give the fuckers 5 losses instead.