New SF5 player questions pls be nice

  • isn’t it really hard to get the Shop points? If you want every title/color/thing (besides the actual characters) it’s basically impossible to get them all.
  • to follow - are there any special events to get a lot of points?
  • how to get the Capcom Pro Tour stuff?
  • what are these fortune tickets? Isn’t it basically just a very, very, very minor discount for the lootboxes? (also, why lootboxes for art? - in my time…)
  • I got the special Cammy costume in 3 tries, are they usually this easy to pull?
  • why every fighter has a track suit costume? a russian meme of sorts?
  1. They nerfed the figtht money grind so yes, it is crazy hard to make a lot of fight money. You’ll just have to play a lot online.
  2. There will randomly be golden soldiers that show up in the challenge section. Those give up around 2.5k in fight money. They don’t happen often though.
  3. Buy the capcom pro tour packs. They should be in the DLC sections on PSN.
  4. Yep, fortune tickets are just free shots at the Fighting Chance roulette.
  5. Fighting Chance costumes are random. Sometimes you get lucky, sometimes you burn the bank so Gief can wear a mask.
  6. The track suits are a special costume for the Olympic event. In August Intel is doing a world cup tournament for some games, SF5 is one of those games.

Welcome to SRK.

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Welcome to SRK.


I’d probably ask any question here: The Garou Lounge: Sakura Defends Arcades from Bottom Barrel Netcodes, since that is where most of the community hangs out and you’re more likely to get answers to your questions there