New SFIV trailers on Capcom's Japanese site?


Unless I missed these two trailers on the CE disc with the movie or here, I believe that Studio4 has done 2 animated trailers for the game/movie. Although I can say the in-game movies and the Ties that Bind movie was really craptastic in the “quality” department, Studio4 has put more effort into their latest trailer featuring Sakura(looks more like their previous works). The first animated one is about Crimson Viper investigating Shadaloo/Shadow Law during the events of SFII, once again, the “quality” looks like the movie.

Capcom Japan’s SFIV Trailers

Ran a search, didn’t know what to look for but my results came up with nothing so I decided to post it here.


Yes, they made two more aftermath trailers, they made these to better connect the events between SFII and SFIV.


So… are these not in English or am I retarded?


When I saw this trailer, I felt like I had to get the CE edition


Then I saw the movie, I felt like I was had, big time. I guess I should have done a lot more research but I didn’t know some of these promotional trailers were not going to be featured in the movie.

Capcom, if you’re going to make a SF anime again. Try at least a little bit to reach the quality of the SF2 anime released back in 1994. The story was simple but true to the game and the fight scenes were amazing, probably still the best I’ve ever seen in a animated movie.


Sagat learned how to do a Reppuken?