New shafts for Crown Joysticks, Japanese part compatibility

We started adding Crown joysticks and buttons to the website about two weeks ago, and thought we would ask people what they want to see. We’ve already ordered some new shafts (we won’t tell you which :slight_smile: ) but please help us figure out what else to add to the store!!!

Just to let you know Armi and all the srk members… I’ve made a mod to a Myoungshin Fanta stick a long time ago, I used a shaft, shaft cover, ball and bat tops all from Sanwa and this was the results:

If you want, you could use a hollowed shaft instead of the regular one and you will end with a korean stick with led lighting options, not to mention a lot of color options for the ball tops.

The regular shaft from Sanwa is the same length and diameter of the original Fanta’s or Crown’s shafts.

Nice work! We are going to carry 3 or 4 models of Crown joysticks and we are just waiting for them to arrive in order to finish off specs. I hadn’t even thought to put the Sanwa shafts in there, if that works… We’re done!

Thx Armi, I’ve tried with the regular and hollowed shafts and they worked! Trust me… I’m a modder

Alright, let’s cross the Myoungshin Fanta off the list of needs and add it to the list of compatible sticks on the hollow JLF’s :slight_smile:
We have the CWL’s in stock, I’ll go check those, the CWJ’s were slow to ship, we are expecting them Monday.

That’s awesome! Because now this means you don’t need to make a separate Twist shaft for Crown or Myoungshin Fantas. BTW, I believe when it comes to Korean sticks most people prefer Myoungshin Fanta, so maybe you could start stocking those, too. I would even go so far to add a premium kit (shaft, LED’s, and stick) with a Twist shaft, and a separate kit with a hollow shaft and LED’s for easy sales of K sticks.

I bet we can even go one further, and do silent K sticks. The switches should be nearly identical in size and whatever, just need those levers for them. If you could get your Omron supplier to get you a stock of long levered snap on switches, you could easily sell D2RV silent kits with snap on levers for K sticks.

Lots of options, Bryan.

We can get levered switches, they just aren’t cheap! I will work on it. Anyone want to give us a large business loan

I will look into the Fanta levers again. It’s really tough to get that stuff our of Korea!

Hopefully you don’t have to order separate switches. You can get switch accessories, and you have an Omron supplier so maybe they can get them for you. They’re called external hinge levers, they’re the type that snap on to the little tabs on the outside of the casing. It looks like there are long hinged and normal length available. Maybe ask if your supplier can get them, they’re just little metal snap on hinge levers, they have to beat cheap and you could probably get a bag of them dirt cheap and retro fit them on any of the switches you sell. It would also make buying switches easier since you could just snap on the levers as ordered, and it means your switches then become universal. IMO worth a try, especially since Omron switches are riveted.

Whichever one would allow for ball tops on a Myoungshin would be awesome, I’d for sure buy one. Just as an idea/personal wish, there’s probably a market for a Korean Fanta --> JLF stick mounting plate like Voltech used to sell. For a piece of 16 gauge stainless or aluminum with some holes drilled in it you could probably make a good return.

@moonchilde I don’t think Omron sells them separately but I can check. Our other suppliers will always insist we buy them fully assembled

@unclegary I have a drawing for a “universal plate” The plate has holes for every stick we have, including IL sticks. I can look up the Fanta sticks and add them to the list.
This will do most Japanese joysticks.

This will adapt Japanese and american joysticks

Hey… want to use a pacman stick on your fight stick :slight_smile:

Holy progress. Why didn’t someone do that before?!

However you may want to choose a strong steel for something like that (with all the close proximity holes). For something that is going to have that many holes, you may want to go with something High Carbon, like Tool Steel (although that may be excessive) or 1045 which is a nice middle ground. You could go with aircraft grade aluminum too, but you may need to add some thickness.

Another more price effective measure you could take is to have them heat treated. That would pretty much allow for any metal to be better suited for that design.

Now if you can find some way to get a full on square gate on a korean stick, you would be a god armi. A Myoungshin/Crown 303 with its rubber restrictor and a square gate would be my perfect stick.

And with the Sanwa shaft mods you have so i can switch battop or balltop? You would pretty much take a chunk of my paycheck monthly.

WOW!!! Armi, seems like you take very serious my words from your other thread when I said that you are the USA seller that bring us the most custom parts ever!

Its good to know that you have considered the idea of some universal mounting plates, that’s very impressive (mostly for all those holes on them!).

Now, I must insist and thank god there’s someone who thinks the same way I do, you must include the Myoungshin Fanta in your catalog, they are the best k-stick period and with that universal plate there should not be any problem at all now.

I have another mod for my Fanta waiting to be show off, but I must go with some test prior to let the world know about it.

Now, this will be interesting for sure for a lot of players who want to try a k-stick but are a little worry about the idea of no restrictor for them.

When KOF XIII was launched it arrives with one official fightstick for Korea and Japan, I saw that fightstcik and I must admit that it caught my eye until today… why?

Because, it is the first ever Fanta stick that comes with a restrictor option, this will put coN and some others in a good mood, check it out:

I know you Armi know a lot of people from Asia that could help you to find this restrictor manufacturer and if there’s a way to order by separately coN and other players will be in heaven.

I have no problem at all playing with my Fanta the way it is, but the true is that is always better to have options.

I think I read somewhere that’s actually a knock off JLF of sorts, that it isn’t a true K stick.

Yeah I’m pretty sure that was true, I remember kind of being hype for it when it was announced but then it turned out to not even be a Fanta stick.

It looks like a JLF clone. You can even see the tabs in that little picture, that resembles a JLF body.


I didn’t know it was that easy to turn a metal plate into Swiss cheese!
With that many holes in them, will the mounting plates still have decent structural integrity??? That’s an awful lot of volume cut out.

Other than that…

The North American market for the Korean joysticks is really THAT big???
Color me skeptical but at any rate I would agree that it’s really an Asian arcade parts market for sure.

You’d be surprised on the structural integrity even with a few extra holes. It’s really not that bad. Also, a smaller size means an object is harder to bend, so that’s why you can use a more brittle steel for a knife vs a blade. Less chance of the structural integrity being compromised for the knife vs the blade, so the blade needs a less hard but more durable steel vs the knife. With the size of the plate, it won’t be bending anytime soon, and the amount of force you’d have to put behind it to bend the universal plate would be about the same as the stick specific plates.

It won’t expand if people aren’t offering. It won’t expand if people don’t want to play on stock K sticks, who would otherwise be willing to try one if they could customize it to what they’re used to. Always good to have options. The fact these are domestic and have domestic shipping costs makes buying them on a whim easier.

Can’t wait til these are available…having the option to customize is awesome

If you guys are looking to really set yourselfs apart in the Korean dealer spectrum:

Make some custom shafts for K-sticks. Bear in mind, what fits on Crown won’t fit on Fanta. Crown shafts won’t fit on Myoungshin/Taeyoung or vice versa.

That said, I like the new crown shafts for the CWJ series. I’d like to see some custom shafts for K-sticks. Different colors/decor. The clear shafts are really cool. Maybe some bubble-battops for Crown? Why not some K-stick exclusive shafts that have removable tops, like Sanwa has? That way you don’t have to do the Sanwa shaft mod to remove your top from a K-stick?

I think a hollow shaft for a K-stick is essentially pointless until there’s some options for it to be used with a LED.

Bonus level awesomeness would consist of you being able to make a K-stick specified shaft that is interchangeable in Crown and Fanta sticks. If you can figure out what would have to be done to do this and accomplish that, you are a winner.