New shafts for Crown Joysticks, Japanese part compatibility


What’s wrong with Swiss Cheese? Actually they are fine, the plates are 16ga steel and can more than adequately handle what they need to.

We are actively working on bringing some other Korean options. Crown is fun, but… we’ll see

We are very serious about having the most custom products! If you take the products in our store you can make over 10000 different combinations of JLF. Balls, bats, shaft length, leds, actuators, restrictors, springs, and microswitches. Then look at the LS-32’s etc… I think a lot of people don’t realize we now have over 800 products, and over 100 private labeled items. And we are no where near done :slight_smile:

When I get my hands on all the sticks available I will look at what can be done about a more universal shaft. This is one area where the Paradise Twist idea can work wonders…


You are awesome. That is all i can say to that post.


Ok, confirmation, we have 4 different sticks arriving in less than two weeks…
Say hello to RGB or LED K-sticks!
we have some great other options and we’ll let people know the details about what we ordered in the near future!


I love you.


You have to play hard to get a little… wait until you see what we are bringing to EVO! :slight_smile:


And what about us…? Not everyone can go to EVO Armi…


Fearless no worries, we’ll have parts available to everyone.
Shafts should be in any day now. So here is what we did :slight_smile: This is only a start, we will grow the line from here. Of note, these were tested on all the crown sticks on our site and will work on any of them.

Shaft 1: Standard crown height, 6mm threading… what does that mean? Crown sticks sit a bit hire then JLF sticks, so we designed our shafts to make a Sanwa bat sit at exactly the same height as a Crown bat. In other words, if you swap the Crown bat for the Sanwa bat, the height will be the same. This means balls sit about 7-8 mm higher than a standard JLF balltop. These have a 3mm hollow bore so you can do single color LED mods and use any standard ball top.
Shaft 2: Standard crown height, 10mm threading… what does that mean? see above, except, these have 10mm threading and a larger top bore, allowing a full 4 wire RGB mod.
Shaft 3: JLF height, 6mm threading: don’t like the higher Crown stick but you do like the feel? This is the shaft for you. Shortened shaft means shortened throw. A ball top sits EXACTLY the same height above the mounting plate as a ball top would on a JLF. These have 3mm bores so you can do single color led mods and use any standard ball top.
Shaft 4: JLF height, 10mm threading… see above, except, these have 10mm threading and a larger top bore, allowing a full 4 wire RGB mod.


Sounds good!
Just to put this out there in an attempt to prevent you from getting angry customer e-mails: Crown shafts will NOT fit in Myoungshin or Taeyoung joysticks, Crown shafts are slightly thicker. If the Paradise crew wants a Myoungshin stick to play around with shoot me a PM and I’ll send one out to you.


Unclegary, we may take you up on that, we will be looking at carrying other Korean sticks in the very near future.
Sticks arrive tomorrow!
Wico sticks arrived today and they look amazing