New Shinichiro Watanabe (Cowboy Bebop) TV anime starting this April

Good news for fans of Watanabe, he has a new series he is directing that will air in Japan this April.


Official website-

Hope its just as good as Cowboy Bebop or better.

Mid point serious episode.

Ambiguous-ish ending.

Awesome animation.

A mix of really good and really shitty.

These are my predictions.

Sick. I been wanting him to do a new show for a while and was thinking 6 years was the difference between CB and SC, and now is about 6 years from 04 so maybe he would have something soon. Glad to see i was right.

lol i read that title as new cowboy bebop starting this april…damn

If Steven Blum dubs a character…I’m down.

I always found Cowboy Bebop really boring…especially when it was on late at night on Adult Swim.

I like his artstyle though, this new show might be good.

Spike lived. Fuck the naysayers.

The art style looks distinct just like his earlier works and I like the premise. Will totally watch and buy this!

Edit: Yoko Kanno up in this bitch? I’m in there.

Can we please stop doing high school anime. Need moar explosions/jidaigeki/bewbs.

The star in the sky went out. Indian space metaphors are never wrong in fiction. The dude used sand and it made circles and everything. Spike is fucking dead.

But you get that with high school anime.

Spikes fate is unknown. Its up to the viewers to think what happened to him (Died or lived)

And you claim to be a good writer. tsk tsk.

Dude died, it’s the whole point of his character arc, something they summarize up right before he leaves for the final act.

Two stars in the sky. One went out. Vicious confirmed dead. Last line said something about Spike living with that weight. He’s fine.

“Are you gonna carry that weight” is too the viewers, not to Spike.

Whaaaaaaat. I don’t have weight to carry. I didn’t even know the guy!

You’re supposed to grow attached to the characters, especially Spike, and then feel the weight of their absence once it’s over.

If that’s true then who’s this guy with the afro sticking his penis in my mouth as I type this?

Well shit.